Top 12 Best Trust Badges Apps For Your Shopify Store

Abandoned carts are colossal conversion losses that a business must grapple with. Companies are improving UX and pricing. But sometimes safety is the reason. In 2020, 18% of users underestimated their order because they did not trust the site. People don’t want to share their card details with companies they’re not sure about. 

Therefore, the question of how to build an online marketplace should go alongside the question of building trust. This is the only way you can succeed in e-commerce.

Further we will focus on trust badges. These are small images that are posted on the site and confirm the legality of the company’s activities. In fact, a trust badge is your promise to take care of the customer’s safety.

I. Secure Checkout Icons

The security icon is a confirmation of the buyer’s security. Placing them in high voltage locations will reassure the user and instill confidence in the company. It’s appropriate to add an icon to a product page or next to a call-to-action button.

Many services that provide certificates are paid. However, you are not buying just a badge. It is hosted on a site because a third party guarantees the security of a particular site. In particular, regularly checking the security of the resource.

01. TrustedSite

The service offers floating trust badges. It is an integration of TrustedSite and McAfee SECURE applications. Research shows that placing trust badges on this service drives sales. saw an increase of 26,9%.


  • Testing the site for security;
  • Independent verification of the company;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for Pro packages;
  • 6 badge options: TrustedSite, Buyer Identity, McAfee SECURE, Secure Checkout, Form, and Login;
  • 20 display languages;
  • Free version (display to the first 500 visitors);
  • Paid plans start at $ 39 per month.

02. Norton Trust (platform Digicert)

One of the most recognized services that provide SSL certificates. According to research, Norton Trust Badges are leading the way for consumers. They are trusted by 35,6% of users. The service is paid and does not provide a trial version.


  • A guarantee of compensation of up to $ 1.75 million from financial losses of the company associated with the failure of the safety certificate;
  • 5 options for TLS / SSL badges and certificates;
  • Only paid plans;
  • Prices start at $ 399.

In addition, in order to increase the number of sales, you need to take care of effective promotion. To do this, you can hire a specialist in the state or contact an SEO agency. Remember, high conversions are only achieved with an integrated approach. Therefore, you need to look at the abandoned cart problem from different angles.

II. SSL Secure Site Icons

This is perhaps the most important confirmation of the safety of the purchase. It indicates the security of the checkout process. The presence of an SSL certificate indicates the encryption of the client’s confidential information, as well as the card data. It is recommended to place the SSL badge next to the add to cart button, as well as directly on the order page.

It is not worth saving at this point. It’s about the safety of your customers and your company. Obtaining a certificate from an officially operating supplier will require investment. However, along with the license, you will receive a regular review of your site by cybersecurity specialists.

01. GoDaddy

A budget solution. Prices start at $ 70 per year. The company offers SSL certificates for websites. Depending on the package, protection from one to ten domains is provided. Support for any number of subdomains is possible. Acquiring a certificate involves checking the site, the company, and in-depth research.


  • Free SSL and malware inspection tools;
  • Cross-platform;
  • Money back guarantee for 30 days;
  • The reliability of the site will be marked not only with a trust icon but also with a lock hanging in the browser;
  • Guaranteed compensation for up to $ 1 million in damages related to the failure of the safety certificate.

02. Comodo Site Seal

Comodo is one of the largest providers of SSL certificates. Offers a large list of business solutions. In particular, the Comodo Site Seal certification, which provides a trust badge.


  • Compatibility with all browsers;
  • No restrictions on the number of server licenses;
  • Automatic re-release without limitation in terms;
  • There is a money-back guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase;
  • There is a trial period (30 days);
  • 9 options for certificates;
  • The cost of packages is $ 125-845 per year.

03. NortonLifeLock

The service emerged from the merger of cybersecurity monsters. VeriSign was originally acquired by Symantec. This happened in 2010. However, 9 years later, Symantec was acquired by Broadcom. That’s how NortonLifeLock was created.

The service offers a huge list of solutions for Internet security. These include SSL and EV SSL certificates. Valid for 1 year. Cost of certificates:

  • SSL – 399$;
  •  EV SSL – 995$.

One certificate includes 1 server license.

III. Services Providing One-stop Solutions

If the company has existed for a long time, it already has clients. Consequently, it has gained a certain level of trust. By placing badges on the site, the company provides sales incentives. However, new online stores are more difficult. After all, almost all aspects of cooperation can be questioned: from the quality of goods to the terms of delivery.

Trust badges can help clear up such doubts. However, this requires a comprehensive service. After all, it is necessary to provide social confirmation of the reliability of the organization, site, products, and terms of cooperation.

01. Google Trusted Store

Google is a multinational corporation that has been on the market for over 20 years. At the moment, the search giant has a market share of more than 86%. Today it is one of the landmarks for buyers. And you can leverage that user loyalty to your advantage by becoming a Google Certified Store.

Checking by this service differs from analogues. First of all, because the opinion of the client becomes decisive. In the process of passing the verification, you must post a survey on your website. To become a Google Trusted Store, you need to meet a number of criteria. Among those:

  • The share of preliminary and return orders is not more than 10%;
  • The presence of an SSL certificate (in particular, for pages on which financial or personal information is entered);
  • The transparency of terms of service and privacy policies:
  • Clear and accessible policy of delivery and return;
  • Share of canceled orders – up to 2.5%;
  • Timely delivery of 90% of orders;
  • 50% of orders are available for tracking;
  • The response time for 99% of support requests is no more than 2 business days.

02. Trust (Varinode, Inc.)

The app has been recognized by over 1500 business owners. With so many reviews, it has a rating of 4,9. Perhaps this is because the supplier offers a huge list of solutions for online stores. Available for use free of charge for the first 5 days. Upon expiration, you can choose one of three plans: bronze ($ 23.98 / month), silver ($ 59.98 / month), and gold ($ 79.98 / month).


  • Variety of icons (SSL certificate, PCI compliance, secure architecture, money-back guarantee, store contacts, reviews);
  • Product reviews and widgets for creating such;
  • Import of reviews from other services;
  • Import of ratings from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy Reviews;
  • Highlighting the rating of products from the site in the search results;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Placement of icons on checkout pages;
  • Customizing the display and location of icons;
  • Social verification stamp (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest);
  • Does not require programming skills.

03. Vitals

One vendor – 40 apps. It is a complete business solution that, with over 1200 reviews, is rated 5.  Trial version available. The first 30 days of using the app are free. Then $ 29.99 per month. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase.


  • Converting prices in more than 160 currencies, thanks to the integration of the application with the Shopify Multi-Currency function;
  • Personalized recommendations (recently viewed products and related products);
  • Instagram Shop application;
  • Social media icons;
  • SEO-optimization of image meta tags;
  • Support for the basket (countdown timer, animation of action buttons);
  • Chat in Messenger;
  • A large list of trust badges;
  • Protection of content from copying;
  • Registration of preliminary orders;
  • Import of product reviews from Yotpo, Loox, Ryviu and other services;
  • Import of reviews accompanied by images from AliExpress and Oberlo;
  • Automatic request for feedback from the client via e-mail;
  • Records of sessions of visits to the site by users;
  • Pricing system for bulk orders;
  • Collecting leads by drawing discounts among buyers (integration with Mailchimp and Klaviyo is provided);
  • The ability to create product packages in the spirit of “buy with this”;
  • A panel for setting the use of cookies in accordance with EU regulations;
  • All applications are available in translation;
  • Apps are loaded at the same time, so they don’t slow down the site.

IV. Payment Gateway Icons

It is simple, powerful, and easy to implement a solution. If you accept payments on the site, then the presence of the logo of a specific payment gateway will increase customer confidence.

Icon options:

  • Paypal;
  • Stripe;
  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau);
  • Google Trusted Stores.

The presence of such an icon increases consumer confidence in the site. However, this is not the only reason for their use. By posting card logos that are accepted, you also provide useful information to the user. He is immediately guided in the order of making a payment.

V. Free Trust Badge Apps

Some things only depend on the company. For example, the issue of a refund or delivery on time. These are the expectations you can set, thus guaranteeing some level of service. Adding appropriate icons will increase the level of trust in the company as well as create an image. Free services will allow making them.

01. Trust Hero – Trust Badges FREE

Absolutely free app with no hidden fees or any other payments. Extremely easy to set up. Does not require specific knowledge. The whole process takes up to 5 minutes.


  • cross-platform;
  • suitable for all Shopify themes;
  • detailed customization of icons;
  • customer support;
  • a huge selection of badges, including badges, confirming secure payment;
  • the application is absolutely free.

02. Ultimate Trust (Conversion Bear)

Free app, which has a rating of 5 with over 700 reviews. Provides access to a huge library of trust badges. Segmenting allows you to quickly find what you need. The badges are available in full color and monochrome designs. Personalization for stores is provided. Thanks to the built-in functions, the service automatically determines the style of a particular site and accordingly adapts the design of the icons.


  • 100+ trust badges;
  • detailed customization of icons (color, text, size, alignment, etc.);
  • easy installation that does not require programming knowledge;
  • the ability to add icons to any page or part of the site (including shopping cart, product card, and footer);
  • availability of a mobile version;
  • customer support 24/7;
  • many categories of trust icons (currencies, banks, credit card support, and others);
  • automatic detection of a single style for icons;
  • setting up a trust slogan (valid in any language);
  • high-performance thanks to the use of CDN.

03. Trust Me – Free Trust Badges

There is a huge library of trust badges divided into topics. The developers have provided for an extremely simple installation. No coding skills required. By using its own CDN server, the company guarantees top-notch tool performance.


  • animated icons;
  • customizing the style, size, and color of icons;
  • does not require adding code;
  • instant display immediately after setup (just refresh the page);
  • access to editing the text and font of the icon;
  • large library with Knet trust badges, Shop pay, worldwide shipping, 24/7 service, and more.


Online shopping is convenient. However, they are also associated with fraud risks. Trust badges showcase the credibility of a company. The consequence of this is an increase in conversion. Do you want to increase sales? Then demonstrate to potential buyers that your company can be trusted. And the above services will help with this.

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