Shopify Translation Apps: 05 Tools To Win Global Market

If you’ve got an online store, then you’re reaching potentially millions of customers. That’s great news, right? Sure it is, but there are still millions more on top of that who you aren’t reaching. If someone comes onto your store and they don’t speak English (or the native language of the store), then they’ll simply leave the store.

If your visitors can’t read the product information, menu navigation, or company background, then they’re definitely not going to shop at your store. To get around this, you can install one of the many translation apps from the Shopify App Store.

Why use a translation app?

The best translation apps on Shopify will allow anyone from anywhere in the world to visit your store and have everything translated into their native tongue. This means that you can invite all 7 billion people in the world to your Shopify store!

But what makes a good translation app for your Shopify store? Obviously, the ability to translate into any language is a top point. The price of the app and how easy it is to set up also count. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting one that doesn’t bug out and has great customer support in case it stops working. Another big bonus is that it works seamlessly with your theme, as well as other apps such as page builders like PageFly.
The following translation apps for Shopify are in no particular order of preference. All of them have their own merits and you’re free to choose between them.

01. Langify

Cost: $17.50/month
Trial: 7-day free trial 

Langify Translation App
Langify App on Shopify App Store

1.1. Main Features

Langify is a great translation app to install on your Shopify store. It automatically translates your store into any language when a user lands on your website. Users can also request to have the store translated into any language they want manually.

1.2. Unique selling point

  • Strong SEO features
  • Very easy to set up

1.3. Support

  • Paid plan gives you 24/7 premium support
  • Can also email queries

1.4. Pricing plan 

  • Single pricing plan of $17.50/month, includes all features.

1.5. PROs

Langify translation app's basic settings and interface

What’s great about Langify is that it keeps all of the SEO properties on your website active and creates tags to ensure people can find you even when they search in a different language. It also allows them to translate image captions.

There isn’t any limit to the number of languages that you can translate into with Langify. Pick as many as you’d like and the app will get to work. There is also only one pricing for the app, no matter how much you use it.

  • Auto-translate
  • Unlimited translations
  • Uses can manually change the language
  • SEO friendly
  • Fixed competitive pricing

1.6. CONs

One major downside of the app is that it cannot translate checkout pages or notifications. Still, your customers will be confident about the product by the time they go to checkout and the language barrier should no longer be an issue by this stage.

  • Can’t translate email notifications or checkout

02. Translate Your Store – Weglot

Cost: Starts at 9.90/month or €99/year
Trial: free up to the first 2,000 words translated. 

WeGlot Translation App
Weglot Translation App on Shopify App Store

2.1. Main features

Weglot is another prominent translation app for Shopify. Weglot offers full compatibility with every Shopify theme, app such as PageFly, and plan and it automatically redirects customers to their desired language.

2.2. Unique selling point

  • Free to install for the first 2000 words translated, plus ten-day free trial on pro plan.
  • Translates page views statistics, as well as your website.
  • Translate button can change to fit your theme.

2.3. Support

  • Premium support with all paid plans.
  • Detailed setup guide and dedicated help center.

2.4. Pricing plans 

Weglot has various pricing plans, some of which are more appropriate for smaller businesses, and others that will suit larger companies.

  • Monthly plans: $9.90/month to $199/month.
  • Annual plans: $190/year to $1990/year.

2.5. PROs

As mentioned, Weglot automatically translates your store into whatever language it detects the customer using, meaning that you can attract customers from anywhere in the world. One major strength of this app is that it can translate the checkout – something which Langify cannot do. It can also translate email notifications. Translated pages will have their own unique URLs to help with SEO.

The app is a heavy-hitter, which is why it’s one of the most popular translation apps on the Shopify App Store.

  • Auto-translate
  • Translates checkout and email notifications
  • Users can manually switch the language
  • 100+ languages
  • Change the translate button to match with your theme and custom pages from apps like PageFly.
  • SEO friendly

2.6. CONs

  • Pricing plans can get too expensive for small businesses to handle.
  • The 2,000-word trial is quite limited in scope.

03. Translate your shop GTranslate

Cost: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $7.99/month. 
Trial: Unlimited free plan. 

GTranslate App
Translate Your Shop in Shopify App Store

3.1. Main features

GTranslate is the best Shopify translation app out there for those of you who are just starting up and want a free way to have your store be more accessible. The app allows customers to automatically translate your store into their language using Google Translate.

You’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to make the most of the SEO features, but if you just want people to be able to understand what’s going on with your store, then this free app is the one for you.

3.2. Unique selling point

  • Free to use if you don’t want the SEO features.
  • Paid plans are competitive.
  • Makes this the best choice for small businesses with limited budgets.

3.3. Support

  • Free live chat support – don’t even need to pick a plan.
  • Will also help to configure the language selector button on your website.

3.4. Payment plans

  • Ranges from $7.99/month to 37.99/month.
  • Annual plans $79.90/ year to $379.90/year.

3.5. PROs

GTranslate uses Google Translate to show your site in 103 languages. This means that you can pull in customers from all around the world and not have to pay a penny to do so. It’s incredibly useful for those of you who are just starting out and aren’t yet bothered about integrating SEO features like translated URLs and so on.

  • The free plan has many strong features
  • 103 languages to auto-translate into
  • Comes with Google Analytics support
  • Strong SEO features – URL translation
  • Checkout and notifications translated
  • Live chat support
  • Some great design features

3.6. CONs

If you’re serious about attracting customers from other countries, then translation alone won’t be enough – you’ll need to have the premium SEO features too. To make the most of this, you’ll need to upgrade to the Business package, which is $27.99 per month.

  • Paid packages are more expensive than some of the competition for the same features.

04. Panda Language Translate

Cost: $7.99/month 
Trial: 7-day free trial 

Panda Language Translate App
Panda App on Shopify App Store

4.1. Main features

Panda Language Translate is a more reasonably priced option that is super easy to set up in your store. Customers can see your store in their language automatically as well as choose from their desired language on your site. The app also supports right-left and left-right languages. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support SEO features like URL translations.

4.2. Unique selling point

  • Doesn’t affect themes or coding, which means that it works seamlessly with any pages you might have built with page builder apps like PageFly.

4.3. Support

  • Simply give the Panda team a staff account for your store and they’ll go in and set everything up for you.
  • They’ll even do this on free trials of the app.

4.4. Payment plans 

  • Single paid plan of $7.99 per month that includes all features.

4.5. PROs

  • More than 100 languages supported
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Doesn’t affect themes or coding in the backend
  • Good support
  • Easy to use
  • Only one paid plan to deal with

4.6. CONs

  • Lacks SEO features
  • No URL translation
  • Doesn’t support checkout translation
  • No variation of paid plans for larger businesses to get more features

05. LangShop – Language and Currency

Cost: $34/month 
Trial: 7-day free trial 

Langshop Translation App
Langshop On Shopify App Store

5.1. Main features

LangShop is one of the newer translation apps for Shopify to emerge on the block. The app offers a single package with a single price that covers everything from translation to SEO. If you’re looking for a simple and convenient translation app to globalize your store, then this is a great one to go for.

5.2. Unique selling point

  • Supports a whopping 241 languages.
  • SEO optimized.

5.3. Support

  • Email, chat, and ticket system support with paid plan.

5.4. Pricing plans

  • Single pricing plan of $37/month with all features included.

5.5. PROs

  • Choose from 241 languages
  • Auto-translate your entire store
  • Easy to use with a single plan
  • SEO friendly – create custom URLs for each translation
  • Translates checkout and notifications
  • Supported on development stores
  • Works with apps, such as page builders like PageFly.

5.6. CONs

  • No option to have translation features without SEO features
  • That means this is one of the more expensive options

Best practices when using translation apps

The translation apps that you use will determine the outcome on your front-end. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal here is to provide your site visitors with what they want. This means being able to auto-translate into their language when they land on your site.

Depending on how you market your business, you may also want to consider how much SEO integration the app supports. Having unique URLs to each translated version of your site, as well as translating image URLs and so on, will increase your traffic and thus your conversion rate.

Finally, the design of your translate button should preferably blend in seamlessly with your theme. While this isn’t essential, it is a nice bonus that visitors to your site will subconsciously appreciate.

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