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This Shopify Store design course will teach you how to build different page types with PageFly app

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This Shopify Store design course will teach you how to build different page types with PageFly app. Across 8 pages and 30 videos we'll explain to you how to use PageFly based on practical examples. You can access directly to the video course through Shopify Store Design - Building 8 most critical pages video collection.


Course Overview

First of all, you will need a Shopify Store. When you follow this course it's good to have your own store in 14 days Shopify Trial, so you learn and execute right away. By the end of this course you'll have ready to use the store.

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  • Nail Conversions with a PageFly Special Offer Landing Page

    So you’ve finally figured out the most creative and revolutionary promotion that is guaranteed to attract and convert every single prospect that visits your site. This campaign will be unprecedented and will change the scope of eCommerce as we know it. But how do you let people know about it? Do you climb on the rooftop and scream at the sky? Do you call the office of every leader of every civilized country and demand they draft this new promotional concept into legislation?

  • Use your Shopify Collection Page to Collect Unique Visitors

    Another often-overlooked opportunity to drive traffic to your site and convert those who find themselves face to face with your wonderful product collections. Most people think of the Shopify collections page as purely transitional; a means to connect the homepage and product pages without significant up-selling opportunity.

  • Maximize the Effectiveness of your Shopify Homepage with PageFly Page Builder

    The homepage is arguably the most important page on any eCommerce store. It’s typically where your visitors first get an impression of what you’re offering and from where they navigate to anywhere else on the site. For this reason, it’s important that the homepage has character, including elegant design and great functionality.

    Because it’s one of the most flexible pages, there’s so much you can do with a homepage, let’s take a look at what some great brands have done with their own.

  • Why you Need a Testimonial Page on your Shopify Site? The Value of Customer Feedback.

    As internet entrepreneurs, we tend to have our own perceptions of our product, service and/or brand clouded by attachment. Sometimes it can be hard to identify exactly where our shortcomings may stem from. That’s why it’s best to receive honest, constructive feedback from those who have chosen to do business with you.

  • How to Use your Shopify Contact Page Wisely

    The Shopify contact page is another necessary page on any Shopify site. It shows visitors that they’re able to reach out to you at any time. Undoubtedly new prospects will investigate your Shopify contact us page to see how safe they are in making a purchase.

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