Why you Need a Testimonial Page on your Shopify Site? The Value of Customer Feedback.

“Google’s dictionary definition of testimonial is “a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.” These usually come from customers, colleagues, or peers who have benefitted from or experienced success as a result of the work you did for them.”

-Kolowich, 2019

There is no better critic than those who have experienced what you have to offer, so the testimonial page is a powerful asset to any business. Let’s discuss some of the benefits.

Benefits of a Testimonial Page

You can have testimonials present at focal points throughout your site, but having a page dedicated to real people giving real opinions and stories about your product can hold real weight. Here’s what a testimonial page does:

Constructive Criticism

You’ll gain valuable insights into how you could improve your products and overall experience from your customers. Glowing responses can add so much validity to your brand, especially when you know how to use that feedback in the proper way.

Smart e-tailers will dedicate time and resources to listening to every testimonial and review. Of course, it’s not always going to be good. There are bound to be people who didn’t enjoy your product, especially as you scale and reach more customers.

These “bad” reviews are just as, if not more important than the good ones. These will clearly show you where you need to start working on improving from a completely unbiased perspective.

Insight into Benefits

It’s very possible that your product or service could offer benefits or solve problems that you hadn’t anticipated. This can offer great insight into how you could possibly reach new markets or tweak your brand story to convey these unforeseen positive aspects.

People experience products in vastly different ways and it’s great to have loyal customers that use the product to the fullest and contribute to the continued development and improvement. Keep an eye on all the reviews and you’re sure to come across some that would prove useful to your marketing efforts and possibly have an influence on a new direction.

Persuasive to Other Prospects

Some customers have a natural disdain for marketing trickery and simply won’t believe the story as it comes out from the company itself. But what better way to sway the opinion of these “tough customers” than one of their peers vouching for your brand?

Good reviews are one of the top reasons people are willing to spend money online. In traditional brick and mortar stores, customers could easily go in and view the tangible product exactly as it would appear once they’d purchased it. With online shopping, there’s always an additional risk that people are taking by making a purchase without viewing the physical product.

Hesitance arrives when customers are uncertain if the product will arrive as it looks in the photo, but if they read a glowing review from someone with the same needs as them, it will definitely relieve a significant amount of skepticism and more than likely convince them to follow through based on the testimony from your other clients.

Confirm Credibility

Trustworthiness is the name of the game in eCommerce. There are many ways to convey trust on your site, but most of them pale in comparison to the powerful influence of solid testimonials. As mentioned before, honest reviews are unbiased because there is no other incentive for a customer to relay their story aside from the fact that it was a good or bad experience.

Appreciating the good, and considering the bad feedback is a way to build brand loyalty and grow your business in an honest way.

Some other benefits of the testimonial page include:

  • Referrals – real customers will recommend your brand based on positive experiences
  • Colloquial language – more relatable to the average visitor and not so “corporate” sounding
  • Staff Appreciation – If someone has had a particularly good experience with a member of your staff, they’re likely to mention it in a review. This is a good way to know which team members are performing well and reward them as is appropriate
  • Social Media sharing – Testimonials are easy to share and brief enough that many people will read them. A business can utilize good testimonials in their ad campaigns and other customers can also be encouraged to share
  • Content and SEO – Testimonials can give fresh, relevant ideas for content on your site. You can base keyword density on specific wording that you see from real customers

Types of Testimonials

People usually think of just the classic quote format, but there are so many forms that a great testimonial can come in:

  • Quote
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Case Study
  • Social Media
  • Customer Interviews
  • Authority
  • Peer Review
  • Blog Post
  • Press Review

It’s important to consider all of these avenues and use them effectively to give your customers a voice that will be heard, and that will also benefit your bottom line.

Remember when you want to highlight certain testimonials to drive credibility, they should be present in a visually appealing manner, they should be specific to your brand and/or product, and they should outline specific features while aligning with your brand image.

Examples of Testimonial Pages


This is a total gangster testimonial page. They’ve got an amazing first section stating the impressive achievement of 32 million teeth whitened. Can some please do the math and see how many individual customers that actually is?

They also include a whopping 14,000 reviews! Holy cow.

They’ve got a carousel review section, social media reviews including customer-contributed photos, articles by some very famous magazines, and a knock-out punch of their money back guarantee stated at the bottom.



You know I can’t complete an article without mentioning these guys.

Greetabl keeps it simple, dropping just names and text that their customers have left regarding their products and experience. To add transparency, they’ve encouraged readers to view their Google reviews for “hundreds more reviews from real customers”.



This all-natural skin care company does a good job of bolstering their “proven results” page by cleverly embedding some real customer feedback.


At first I was curious as to why there were so few reviews, until I realized it was just to get the reader to continue scrolling through the other information. Ultimately, the page concludes with this:


…..a dedicated review page with hundreds of real-life testimonials including photos. A clever way to get visitors to study the product while still reading relatable, real-life reviews.


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