How To Sell On Wish: Your Definitive Selling Guide (2021 Updted)

Are you looking to start in the online selling business and don’t know how? Do you need a step-by-step guide to set up your Wish store? Are you curious about the functions of a worldwide marketplace? Are you willing to offer your products to thousands, if not millions of potential users? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

Selling online is a big decision, at times, you might feel lost, luckily, we’re here to help along the way! By the end of the article, we guarantee you’ll be able to sell on Wish. We have come with a 5-step-by-step guide on how to set up your Wish account, and some tips that will help you become successful in the online world.

First, you need to know, Wish is a marketplace like no other. Being a mobile-first eCommerce marketplace that allows shoppers to buy almost anything from third-party sellers.

Selling on Wish might seem like a difficult process, but with its great UX (user experience), and easy-to-use tools, you’ll set up your store in little to no time.

Unlike other marketplaces, Wish doesn’t charge you a monthly fee for using the platform. You end up paying a 15% fee on everything you sell (Including shipping cost). This means that instead of paying each month, you pay as much as you sell.

With more than 500 Million Registered Users, and an outstanding revenue of more than 2.5 billion dollars in 2020, Selling on Wish seems like a no-brainer.

I. Why You Should Sell on Wish

Online selling has been booming for a while now, however, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this process. Now, you -most certainly- need to be online in order to be a successful seller. The online space has become the new normal, and we’re here to help you out with the next steps you need to take in order to understand this new reality. 

  • Popularity and online monthly active users: Wish has more than 100 million monthly active users, which means, there’s a high probability of finding your target market here. Wish allows users from 120 countries worldwide. Just picture this, instead of reaching 30 or 40 potential users per week, you’re able to reach 30 or 40 potential users per day or hour… possibilities are endless.
  • Affordable pricing and great deals for customers: Wish offers multiple deals to users, such as freebies or coupons, offering the item  for a certain amount of time as long as the customer pays the shipping.  Selling incentives increase Wish sales instantly, more than 2.4 million orders are sold on a daily basis.
  • Great UX and easy-to-use tools: Wish has a great scrolling feature, making it easier for users to find different items. It’s a great way to select new items and get awesome findings. Is a mobile-first marketplace, where 90% of sales happen.
  •  Branded refurbished products are good-to-go: Used electronics or any other refurbished items can be listed and sold on This is your time to look up for your old computer, Gameboy, or any other device you no longer use, you never know, you could make a small fortune from those. You know what they say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
  • Brand name: is known worldwide, as a renowned brand with a huge customer base, positioning your store could be easier than starting from zero. Customers are able to find -almost- anything on wish at affordable prices.
  • No middleman: Most delivery times range somewhere from two to four weeks… Products come straight from the factory to your doorstep, which erases the middleman, and decreases cost (via Tough Nickel).

II. 05-Step-by-Step Guide to Start Selling on Wish 

Starting a new business might seem complicated, understanding online selling can be hard; however, this is not the case when you sell on wish. Different from other Marketplaces; selling on wish is an easy process, you need to follow 5-easy steps in order for your store to be all set up.

You’re allowed to sell everything from fashion, tops, gadgets, watches, decoration, home decor, accessories, makeup and beauty, wallets & bags, to gadgets, and many others.

Wish has a list of prohibited items, mostly to protect young users, as some might be as young as 13-years-old. The next list has been taken from

  • Items whose copyright you do not own or hold (copyrighted to someone else)
  • Services: Any service that does not yield a new, tangible, physical item
  • Virtual goods and digital goods: items that are not tangible or must be delivered electronically
  • Gift cards, physical or digital
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco and other smokeable products including electronic cigarettes
  • Lighters
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Piercing gun and tattoo gun
  • Drugs, medical drug claims about an item, drug paraphernalia
  • Live animals, illegal animal products
  • Plant seeds
  • Human remains or body parts (excluding hair and teeth)
  • Pornography or adult/sexually explicit/obscene material
  • Firearms and/or weapons
  • Child car seat, child harness, and recalled toys.
  • Nudity
  • Hate crime and items or listings that promote, support, or glorify hatred toward or otherwise demean people based upon race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation; including items or content that promote organizations with such views

(*) Is important to know that in order to sell on Wish, you need to be an authorized seller of the brand whose items you have listed. This is a measure to protect both the customer and the seller.

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Step 01: Go to the Merchant Account Registration Page

The first step to becoming the proud owner of a Wish store is setting up your account, in order to do this, you need to go to the Merchant Account Registration Page, and click Sign Up.

Wish Merchant page

Go to the Merchant Account Registration Website to start selling on Wish

(*) It’s important to select “Sign Up” when creating an account for the first time, and “Login” when trying to get into an account created in the past.

Step 02: Choose a Store name

Be creative and choose an original store name. This will be the way customers find your store when looking for you.

open a wish store

Choose an original store name

(*) There are some online websites such as Namelix or Frozen Lemons that help you pick a business name, some of these even use Artificial Intelligence in order to help you create a short, branded name.

Step 03: Enter your mail and the country you’re based in

Enter your mail, choose your password, and the country your store is based in, in order to sell on Wish. As a plus, you can choose from more than 10 languages.

(*) When listing your products is vital to do it as an authorized seller of the brand, this mechanism protects both, the brand and the seller.

country selection

Choose from more than 10 languages.

Step 04: Click on, your store will be created

With a simple click, you’ll become a seller on Wish, you’re one step away from becoming an online seller, remember, you’re getting closer to offering your products to millions of potential clients. Becoming a seller on Wish will take you less than a few minutes.

Step 05: Verify your mail, and confirm your account

Security is important when dealing with online sales, that’s why you need to verify your mail in order to confirm your account.

Product Selection on Wish

Start appearing on the Wish website 

Now you’re ready to start uploading your products, selecting categories, and more.

Once you enter your payment information and accept terms and conditions you will be approved to go live. Sell on Wish now!

III. Selling on Wish: Cost, Fees, and Quick Tips

A feature that differentiates wish from other sites, is the fact that there’s NO monthly or yearly fee. 

You pay for what you sell, as simple as that. Selling on Wish means you won’t have to worry about paying a certain fee on a monthly or yearly basis, instead, you end up paying a 15% commission on every sale you made.

For example, if you have a $16USD product, with a $4USD shipping cost, Wish will pick the full price of $20USD (product + shipping), and take $3USD as a commission fee. Is important to take this into consideration when pricing your items, because you end up receiving 85% of the total sale.

It’s important to know that Wish has a $2000USD registration fee for new stores, this fee is charged in order to attract only serious sellers according to In retrospect, it’s a small price to pay for everything you get in return.

I paid the registration fee… Now what? 

Here are the main tips for you  to sell on wish successfully:

  • High quality, good prices: Wish is famous for offering high-quality products at good prices, if you can offer a product like this, chances are you’ll get good reviews. Good reviews serve as a trusting mechanism.
  • Mobile-first, then desktop: is specially made for mobile use, 90% of wish purchases are made through a mobile device. Provide good mobile photographs, tags, descriptions, among others, to increase the chance of more sales on Wish.
  • Niche products and product tags: By categorizing your products or selling niche items, you increase your chances of successful sales.
  • Ship after purchase: Fast shipping will help you get better reviews.

IV. How To Sell on Wish with Shopify 

Shopify is a great tool for online stores, as is, arguably, the most complete online eCommerce store, Shopify offers multiple features that are a great starting point when becoming an online seller.

Wish and Shopify

Import products from Shopify, and upload them to Wish

When it comes to Shopify, there are plenty of options that will help you excel in what you need or are looking for, in this case, there’s a Wish Marketplace Integration app by CedCommerce, which is the global web development agency that is the Official Channel Integration Partner of many marketplaces, such as Wish, Sears, among others.

In order to start using the Wish app on Shopify, you first need to follow a couple of steps, it will take you less than half an hour to get your store ready to go!

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The Wish Marketplace Integration has a 4.6 stars review from 99 reviews, and you can try it with a 10-day free trial. The trial is a great way to check out the main features, to see if it aligns with what you’re looking for, and more importantly, to get a sense of how it functions.

Wish app on Shopify

Wish Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce.

Depending on your eCommerce store, you can choose between different paying plans.

  • LITE: $39 a month will let you manage up to 100 orders per month, which is a great way to start.
  • STANDARD: $59 a month will let you manage up to 200 orders per month.
  • ADVANCE: $79 a month will let you manage up to 500 orders per month.

You can check out all details below:

Shopify Wish app pricing

Pricing options on Wish Marketplace Integration.

  • You’ll need to complete all relevant information asked from you. This includes your full name, mail, phone number, among other data. It’s important to know that this process is a three-step registration, and it will ask you for a valid phone number that you’ll need to authenticate with a code.
  • After all data is filled out, you’ll need to connect your Wish store to the app. Simply write down your Wish mail and Wish password. That’s it, as simple as that, you’re all set up!

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is, you can go and try it yourself! Do you need more reasons on why you should sell on wish with Shopify? Simple, one word… Features!

  • Bulk Feature for Items – Items can be managed using the Bulk Feature on Wish, meaning items can be uploaded in bulk, as well as archived, or unarchived.
  • Synchronization – Inventory, price, and other features will be synchronized between Wish and Shopify.
  • Sales Management – Orders can be managed from the Wish Marketplace Integration app by selecting the admin panel.
  • Errors – If there’s an error when uploading items, the item will get listed in the admin panel with the respective reason, in this way you will be able to sell on wish easily.
  • ProductBoost Feature – You get the chance to increase views of your products by creating a campaign directly from the app.

As if this was not enough, Shopify is a great way to create an online store, there are plenty of apps such as PageFly that will help you add the perfect final touch. The app is ranked number 1 in the page builder category and is in the top 5 most recommended apps on the Shopify apps store.

PageFly gives you more than 60 customizable pre-made templates to choose from, there’s an option for every style. You can choose between mobile, and desk versions.

With PageFly you will be able to customize everything from the home page to the product page. With multiple features that will add just what you’ve been looking for to your online store.

As a plus, PageFly is a great tool for anyone who has little to no technical knowledge, with easy-to-use tools such as drag-and-drop features, where you get to design each page however you want it. Style and design are two concepts that PageFly takes seriously.


Is it worth selling on Wish? Absolutely… Wish is a great tool when it comes to eCommerce, there are plenty of possibilities while selling on Wish due to the number of active users that Wish attracts per month. is known for its amazing prices, this is, in part, because most of the products come from China, South East Asia, among others. Delivery times take around two to six weeks, that’s how Wish can offer super cheap shipping rates.

When selling on Wish and connecting your Shopify store, you’re doubling your market channels, you’re getting access to more potential customers with multiple options to help you succeed. Apart from this, is the largest advertiser on Facebook, spending nearly $500 million a year on Facebook ads. Can you imagine?

In conclusion, offers multiple possibilities, whether you choose to sell a niche item or a high-in-demand product, there’s a customer for -almost- everything on Wish, with more than 2.4 million orders daily, and availability to sell on Wish in over 78 countries, the potential is limitless.

What do you think? Are you willing to give it a try? let us know how it goes, start selling on Wish soon and become an online seller!

Remember, starting out is always the hard part, but after you start understanding how it functions, everything will start to make sense, do not despair, keep going, and start to sell on Wish!

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