Printful Products: Inside of Printful Collections

When starting out with printing on demand, lots of people choose to make an outstanding design to differentiate themselves from others in the market. They generally have always chosen the basic items like t-shirts to print the design on and listed them on their store. But few recognize that Printful also has some collections to help you define the niche of your store from its inception. In this chapter, we’ll get an overview of Printful Products inside of those collections .

Collections with Printful Product

On the Printful Homepage , you can easily find the Product dropdown list, at the bottom is the collection part. Once you open it, the page will appear with seven collections including New Products, Sportswear, Workwear, Streetwear, Beachwear, Eco-Friendly and Gifts. These categories are a simple suggestion of ideas for where to start with your first store of Print On Demand clothes. Now let’s take a look over each collection to see what’s inside and if they’re worthy.

Printful Product Collection

New Products

This collection showcases all the new products of Printful – as the name suggests. At the time this chapter was published, there are only five new products listed here. They are a pullover, a bomber jacket, a simple backpack, a necklace, and a neck gaiter.

New Product collection Printful

The ideal thing about this collection is that you can pick every product and make it your niche. It delivers the newest product whenever Printful has one. It’s like an update board. That means if you already have a Print On Demand store, you can definitely diversify your store by checking out this collection. But at the same time, this collection doesn’t always have new products in it. You have to wait for weeks or even months to see a new product from Printful. Being patient is very good.

We are going to choose one sample product in the New Products collection to take a closer look at the quality. Let’s go with the Unisex Fleece Pullover :

Personalized Unisex Fleece Pullover _ Printful Collection

This Unisex Fleece Pullover has a classic crew neck, flattering unisex fit, and a soft 100% cotton exterior. If you go with custom prints, you can personalize this Pullover with a custom inside or outside label. The techniques that will be put on this product are Direct to Garment and Embroidery. The pullover is:

  • 100% cotton face
  • 65% cotton, 35% polyester (Charcoal Heather is 60% cotton, 40% polyester)
  • Tightly knit 3-end fleece
  • Fabric weight: 8.5 oz/y² (288.2 g/m²)
  • Side-seamed
  • Self-fabric patch on the back
  • Double-needle stitched rib collar, cuffs, and hem
  • Tear-away label

Printful also provides the suggestion for retail price after all the printing stages. In this case, our chosen product has the price of $23 and the suggested price to sell at is $32. Of course you can change the price to align your cost – this is just a suggestion.

New Products _ Printful Collection

What about the reviews of people who are earning profits with this product, what are they saying about it ?

Personalized Unisex Fleece Pullover _ Printful Collection Review

Printful collection review

There are only a few reviews seeing as this product is a new one, but we can see how satisfied people are with the quality of the product. We’re now done with the first collection out of the seven. Now, let’s move on to the next collection: Sportswear.


This is a very popular category. Sportswear has become a niche that is very trendy. Before, when people thought of sportswear, they’d think of athletes. But nowadays, sportswear is becoming more and more popular and accepted by all people and it’s changing it into some kind of casual clothing to wear in different circumstances. Sportswear stretches from different audiences to different activities. It may be a running outfit but may also appear at outings. A hoodie of a basketball team can turn into a luxury item for a luxury catwalk show. That’s why at the present time, Sportswear is very popular.
custom sportwear
Back to Printful, let’s see what they brought to us in their Sportswear Collection . As we can see, Printful’s sportswear collection has a total of 35 products, ranging from casual apparel to other sports accessories. Include some interesting products such as the fanny pack, visor flexfit and Champions products.

Printful’s sports products are diverse and suitable for many people. This will help merchants make it easier to choose products to fit their store concept and above all, it is easy to reach many customers if you have a really nice design. Let’s get details on the Best Seller – the Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie.

hoodie best seller

With a large front pouch pocket and drawstrings in a matching color, this Unisex Hoodie is a crowd-favorite. It’s soft, stylish, and perfect for the cooler evenings. Obviously we can see the flexibility of this hoodie. Not only is it used in sports activities in particular, but also in casual everyday settings. A point that makes this product favorable is that it has a wide variety of different colors – 11 overall – and sizes up to 5XL. With a price of just $20.75 and a suggestion on retail of $30, this hoodie is one of the most remarkable products in the Sportswear Collection .

How people react to this product is so real. This hoodie got 4.5/ 5 stars, out of 237 reviews, that’s a good result as a hoodie can get!

POD hoodie review


Talk about workwear, all of us will think about suits, definitely. But what Printful brought to us is nothing like that. They provide polos and clothes that are more reminiscent of exterior workwear (golf field, tennis stadiums, etc.) rather than the formal workplace or office.

This collection only has five products and to be honest, the variety of this collection is actually very little. Even so, this collection is probably best suited for those who play outdoors sports like polo, tennis and golf. It can still be used effectively by merchants based on their ability and creativity to customize the product. The only truly special thing about this collection is the apron that you can’t really find anywhere else.
Custom Workwear POD

Now, let’s go on the actual product of Embroidered Polo 3800 :

POD Polo Tshirt

The polo shirt is described as having a comfortable, relaxed fit. Thanks to the quarter-turned cotton fabric, the polo shirt is pre-shrunk and maintains its shape after washing, so it can be a trusted item for a long time period. Even though this is just a normal polo, the quality has been confirmed by merchants via reviews.

POD polo shirt review


One of Printful’s best-selling collections is Streetwear. Streetwear is currently very popular with the generation-Z consumers and a few older people. This type of fashion is favored for its easy-to-wear nature and above all, it helps the wearer to be able to express their personality. Perhaps Streetwear became popular in part because it was used so much by today’s music celebrities. Take a look at Printful’s streetwear collection and you can see there are 38 products. The products are really diverse and have a very clear streetwear style.

POD streetwear collection

The streetwear collection makes it easy for merchants to choose the right item for a specific customer group. It could be a basic clothing set that only includes shorts and a T-shirt, or it could be accessories like a cap or a beanie. There are really many directions to driving your store when starting with Streetwear. Let’s take a look at the Vintage Otto Cap 18-1248 to see what’s special about this product.

POD otto cap

The special thing about this product is that it’s 100% cotton twill with a low profile and, of course, the washed-out vintage effect. When it comes to great outfits, a little artistic flare can go a long way. An embroidered cap with a washed out vintage feel is just what’s needed to add a little excitement to a basic outfit. The cap comes with 4 different colors and one size fits all. Now, let’s take a look at how people are reacting to this embroidered cap.

Five out of five stars, wonderful isn’t it?

POD Otto cap review


We probably don’t need to say much about this collection because it’s just so obvious – it’s a beach outfit. With the desire for travel and relaxation, the creation of an innovative design for swimwear and delivery to customers is really a great thing. In addition, we can see a common point in the Printful collections, this is the availability of accessories that are suitable to match products from each other collection. This collection is no exception, the flip flops and bucket hats are really stylish to wear on the beach in the summer.

POD beachwear collection

There are 15 products in this collection but we will focus on a single product as usual. This one is perhaps a symbol for summer – the basic One Piece swimsuit for women .

POD swim suit

What stands out is that we can print on the entire surface of this swimsuit. Moreover, this outfit is very comfortable to wear as it’s made of 82% polyester and 18% spandex, ensuring the durability and elasticity necessary for water activities. Just shy of five stars, this product is clearly popular among merchants. Not bad for a product that is famous for concerns over quality. We can see how good of a product Printful has provided through the reviews below.

POD beachwear review


The world is extremely concerned about environmental issues, climate pollution and global warming. Selling eco-friendly products is essential nowadays. We can see this trend globally with reusable straws or cups, shoes made from recycled materials from famous brands like Adidas, and more. This is a great step in the current environment situation and is supported by a lot of consumers.

Printful is not out of this trend and they have launched an eco-friendly collection for merchants. All products in this collection use organic cotton. Organic cotton products are the result of farming which relies on fertilizers of organic origin, for example, compost manure that uses biological pest control. There are no synthetic substances or genetic modifications used during the production. Printful packaging for all products also uses eco-friendly materials . Their bubble wrap is made from a minimum of 15% recycled plastic and 10% post-consumer content. Their kraft tubes are made from 70-100% post-consumer recycled content and 0-30% secondary recycled content.

Making eco-friendly products takes a lot of process, resulting in longer time to produce. But because of these efforts, environmentally friendly products are much more light on the planet. Therefore, the efforts of companies who use environmentally friendly products – Printful included – are highly appreciated by consumers.

This collection can help merchants turn their business into a purely eco-friendly store. But because Printful still doesn’t have much variety in this section, you might prefer to have it as a stand-alone section in your store, rather than being the main focus.

Let’s move on to the most useful and practical product in this collection, the Eco Tote Bag :

POD tote bag

Why do we say this is the most practical product in this collection? Simple, because it helps consumers change the habit of using plastic bags. In fact, it has many uses, such as replacing animal leather bags, plastic bags when shopping at supermarkets, and helping users save a lot of money because of its reusable nature – and of course a bag like this can be used in a lot of different situations. From the perspective of a merchant, it is also a product that is in the trend and accessible to a large number of customers.


The last collection we are talking about today is Gifts. We often give each other gifts on special occasions that take place all year around. Printful knows this, so they came up with a very good collection. From simple t-shirts that can be birthday presents to bracelets or baby outfits, it’s an all-round great collection.

This collection seems to be full of a variety of products from all the collections that Printful has, because under any circumstances, a phone case with a suitable design can become a meaningful gift, as can just about anything else.

POD gift collection

The White Glossy Mug seems like a perfect example for this collection. An iconic gift on holidays. With 5 out of 5 stars, 94% merchants who purchase this mug are satisfied with the quality of this product as well as the printing on it.

POD mug

If you give gifts to people you love, the key to that gift is the meaning. So the products that Printful provides are just such things to contain that meaning which is represented by the design. Merchants selling souvenirs or holiday gifts should use this collection with their unique designs. In addition, another suggestion is that you can let your customers customize the products with their own designs for the purpose of personalizing those gifts. That will make customers feel more excited when buying them.

In case you’re still curious about How Printful products are made or how the products and print quality looks, please follow the given link to see a clearer picture.


All Printful products have been carefully selected to be included in specific collections. These collections can be very useful for two reasons. The first is the orientation of your own store concept. Second, it can be a branch to diversify the items available in your store. Whatever the purpose is, just take advantage of it, it will bring quite a significant effect for your store.

We have gone through all the Printful Collections in this chapter. We hope we can help you to choose your own collection. Or at least to help you get more information that you need.

If you are new to Print On Demand, please read our previous chapters on how to set up a store with Shopify and Printful and join with PageFly to build a perfect store  .

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Thank you for coming and we’ll see each other in the next chapters.

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