Shopify Upsell Apps: Top 07 Tools To Boost Your Conversion Rates

When starting a store, aside from creating a fascinating design, using tips and tricks to increase sales and conversion rates is what you need to think about.

Instead of going further and investing money for advertising, using your own products to increase sales is a cost-and-time saving method. Shopify Upsell Apps are what you need to do the magic in one click and make your customers spend more money. To understand how these activities work and to choose the right plug-in to your business scale is not an easy task.

But don’t worry, we will help you sort things out with some principles and recommendations of the top 7 upsell apps that we have experienced.

I. The importance of upsell apps

According to Hubspot research, it is recorded that acquiring new customers is about 5 to 25 times more expensive than selling to existing customers. When you focus on retaining those customers, they tend to be your loyal ones and eventually buy your products more frequently.

Acknowledges that, there is one method to take advantage of the current asset of stores – which is products, to retain current customers. It is known for upselling and cross-selling.

Upsell means to sell higher-value products or services to customers. In other words, it is designed to make customers spend more money on basically the same type of products but with better contributions.

While cross-selling encourages the purchase of anything in conjunction with the primary product.

Bundle is another form of Upsell and Cross-sell, by letting your customers see the offer of buying more and get a discount.

For online stores, this kind of strategy is presumably easier to implement rather than physical stores. Based on data of the customer’s browser history, it’s trouble-free to detect the customer’s preference with recently viewed products. With order history, store owners can easily suggest Also Bought or Frequently Bought Together items into the primary product page to enhance the conversion rate. All things can be done automatically. For products in a specific campaign, it’s also simple to create handpicked items.

Choosing suitable upsell apps with your budget and requirements is not as easy as it seems because there are more than 200 Upsell and Cross-Sell Apps listed in the Shopify App Store.

Therefore in this article, we will list out the top 7 of best shopify upsell apps that we have tested and think it might be the best for you in various conditions.

01. Personalized Recommendations

Wiser Personalized Recommendation Shopify App Store
Wiser Personalized Recommendation Shopify Upsell Apps

1.1. Main features

Wiser Personalized Recommendation is a newcomer in this market. However, we can not deny it’s helpful and furnish with wise features:

  • Similar to LimeSpot Personalizer, Wiser allows you to create AI-based product recommendation and personalized widgets to upsell and cross-sell
  • The available widgets are varied with Handpicked Recommendations, Related Products or You May Also Like, Frequently Bought Together, Recently Viewed Products, Top Selling
  • Widgets can be displayed in any available page types, including landing page, in cart upsell
  • You can set multiple widgets for one page
  • Customize widgets to match your brand color and design
App UI
Easy to customize widgets with visualized mechanism
  • In-depth analytics to measure Wisers widgets performance
  • Email Recommendations: Send personalized product recommendations by email to your customers, integrated with Shopify MailChimp, Klaviyo

1.2. Unique Selling Points

  • Provide a wide range of recommendation widgets with no limitations in features for all users
  • Free to install, additional charge based on sales generated by widgets

1.3. Support

The documentation and online chat support are available for all plans and they are basically the same, no privilege for any plans.

1.4. Pricing Plan

No trial, FREE plan available

Available for development store

Wiser Personalized Recommendation pricing plan
Wiser Personalized Recommendation pricing plan

The charge of this app is actually based on the revenue generated by its widgets. The features you can access are basically the same for each plan.

1.5. PROs

Even though Wiser Personalized Recommendation is new in this category, the app is fascinating and wise as its name:

  • This app is trusted by a lot of Shopify Plus merchants like Kappa USA, Unilever,, Gym Plus Coffee, Trunk Clothier, Red Dress Boutique, The Mindful Company & more, Wiser has proven to increase conversion rates on an average of 20-30%
Wiser Upsell Apps powers many Shopify Plus Merchant
Wiser Personalized Recommendation powers a lot of Shopify Plus merchants
  • Multiple languages system powered by Google, allow easy access and usage to any countries and regions
  • Easy to set up and design to match brand images
  • The pricing plan is clear with price range base on sales, most of the features are available even in FREE plan
  • Have integration with page builder (you can consider using PageFly to move the widgets to any position on one page), review apps, email marketing, etc
Wiser has partnered with many Shopify Apps
Wiser Personalized Recommendation partnered in a variety of app categories

1.6. CONs

  • There is live-chat chat support but it is not available 24/7 so you might need to wait for further assistance
  • The Wiser widgets are lineup at the bottom of each page and unable to change its position

1.7. Recommended for

Theoretically, you cannot choose your plan in WISER, the sales will be the factor to decide which plan you will be on.

Therefore, this app is highly recommended for stores of all scales to start off experimenting with upsell and cross-sell, especially when you care about the sales more than the features the app can bring you. Because no sales mean no fee.

Learn more about how to add Wiser Product Recommendations with PageFly right here:

02. ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell

2.1. Main features

  • Create beautiful custom thank you page templates, to upsell your customers post-purchase, without replacing the Shopify checkout.
  • Upsell and cross-sell to your customers with the popup with timer, product upsell, product recommendations, reorder widgets, and more. 
  • Use Triggers to show different thank you pages, with different offers, according to order, customer, and product properties. Show the correct offer to each customer, to make sure your conversion rate stays high.
  • Collect customers’ information such as birthday, post-purchase survey answers, and product comments. 
  • Use powerful integrations to show smart product recommendations, display product reviews, and send automatic birthday campaigns. 


  • Analytics sections show you your thank you page’s real-time performance. Make sure your widgets are all performing well and that you have a positive ROI with these advanced analytics.

ReConvert Analytics

  • Easily edit your thank you pages with a Polaris based page builder, that looks exactly like the Shopify theme builder.


2.2. Unique Selling Points

  • Increase your AOV and retention by creating an automatic post-purchase flow. 
  • Turn a blank thank you page into a conversion machine
  • 30 days free trial, with a FREE plan for stores making less than 50 orders/month.

2.3. Support

24/7 customer support via live chat and email for customers on all plans. 

Comprehensive documentation of all features and widgets in the app’s helpdesk portal as sell as on-app popups. The documentation includes text, screenshots and explanatory videos.

2.4. Pricing Plan

Trial: 30 days

Available for development store

Please note that all the plans are usage-based pricing, which is based on your store’s monthly orders. ReConvert automatically charges you according to your store’s monthly orders, without you needing to change a tier.


2.5. PROs

  • It’s a post-purchase upsell that doesn’t require you to replace the Shopify checkout in your store. 
  • There is a large variety of widgets to choose from, allowing you to upsell, collect customers’ data, show a video, show tracking information, get social shares, and more, all in one app. 
  • The app offers free pre-made templates to get started with a few single clicks. 
  • It’s free for any store starting out and not making any sales yet, so you can grow with it from day one.

2.6. CONs

  • When a customer accepts a post-purchase offer, the app creates a new order, instead of adding the item to the original order.
  • One-click upsell is not available because of the Shopify checkout limitations

2.7. Recommended for

Any store at any level. The app offers pricing plans that are meant to be free for stores without enough sales to actually get value from it, and allows you to change a blank page in your store into a conversion tool. 

Stores will get the most amount of value from the app the more monthly orders they have.

03. Personalized Recommendations By Loopclub

Loopclub Personalized Kit
Loopclub Personalized Kit on Shopify App Store

3.1 Main Features

Personalized Recommendations provides different types of widgets for you to choose

  • Frequently Bought Together: Cross-sell and Upsell products to increase your Average Order Value (AoV). Use it to show bundles, add-ons, upgrade products, etc.
  • Personalized For You: Show Products based on users’ browsing history. A hassle-free personalized experience for your store visitors can guarantee a better conversion rate.
  • Recently Viewed: Remarketing is one of the most rewarding marketing techniques. This widget gives users opportunities to buy the products that they have already seen.
  • Trending: Show in-demand products.
  • Discounts For You: Keep your visitors engaged with strategically-placed discounts.
  • Similar Products: Show Related/Relevant products to increase your conversion rate and keep visitors hooked to the store.
  • Cross-Sell: Cross-Sell to convert buyers into recurring customers. Increases Product Discovery and Revenue Per Customer.
  • Recently Launched: Showcase your recently launched products. Make these products visible to the customers and increase sales.
  • Bestsellers: Display your best selling products. 
  • Promoted Products: Show viewers of your store specific products based on the context.

Widgets of the Personalized Recommendations

  • Loopclub’s widgets work in all page types so you can easily display the chosen widgets in Home Page, Product Pages or Collection pages – or any pages you want.
  • The Analytics section on each widget helps you to have a general view of your page’s performance with the following factors:
    • Revenue generated
    • Product sold
    • Widget serves
    • Widget views
    • Widget clicks
    • Add to cart clicks

and a chart to have a better visualization of the growth.

upsell apps analytic dashboard
Strong Analytics Dashboard

3.2 Unique Selling Points

  • Automatic Personalized Recommendations using Machine Learning
  • Use data and AI/ML to generate Personalized Recommendations.
  • Visual Editor is supported for updating the styling as well as controlling the placement of the widgets using the Graphical Interface

3.3 Support

Similar to other upsell apps, this app provides email support so users can contact the support if they have any questions. An online help center and video tutorials are also available in all plans. Support via email and livechat is provided 24/7.

3.4 Pricing Plan

Available for development stores.

This app provides you 2 plans: Basic and Pro

Loopclub Upsell Apps Pricing
Pricing plan

3.5 PROs

  • A transparent pricing plan makes it easier for Shopify merchants to make buying decisions.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Seamless integration with top-rated Shopify apps:
    • Variant Options Swatch King: Variant Image Swatch, Color & Collection Swatch, Group Product
    • Integrates with ReConvert: Design thank you page for post-purchase sweet upsell
  • Work well with other pages made by page builder such as PageFly.
  • A user-friendly interface

3.6 CONs

Users on the Free plan might find it difficult not to have all pages supported.

3.7 Recommended for

  • Basic Plan: This is more suitable for small scale businesses because they just need the number of widget impressions under 20.000.
  • Pro Plan: Chain stores, as well as online wholesale traders, are highly encouraged to use this plan because this plan provides custom templates and segmentation.

04. LimeSpot Personalizer

Shopify Upsell Apps: LimeSpot Personalizer
Shopify Upsell Apps: LimeSpot Personalizer

4.1. Main features

  • Create upsell, cross-sell, recommendations widgets in every page types such as Homepage, Product Pages, Collections Pages, Thank You page, Cart page, or even 404 not found page
  • Auto-generated widgets: Base on users order history, store sales or browsing history to automatically recommend products such as Trending, Most Popular, Recently Viewed.
  • Handpicked product widgets: Users can decide what products/collections to offer customers on specific product pages such as Bought Together, Related Items, Feature Collection.
  • Display multiple widgets in one page with custom settings to match your brand design
Limespot app UI
LimeSpot Personalizer let you display and customize multiple widgets in Box Designer
  • Analytics board to show the efficiency and performance of each recommended placement on every page in real-time.
Limespot Upsell app analytic dashboard
Actively manage your revenue generated by recommendations
  • A/B testing to measure the performance of your widgets, with that, you can adjust your display to optimize the conversion rates.

4.2. Unique Selling Points

  • Provide a real-time powerful AI personalization for customers with Native Visual Editor
  • Free to install, additional charge based on monthly revenue

4.3. Support

Documentation is an open-source for everyone to access from basic set up to best practices.

The support, however, will be different based on your plan. The standard support can be chat, email, KB support, response time will be 2 business days maximum.

For the highest plan, you are able to reach for call support, onboarding process, or even dedicated customer success managers.

4.4. Pricing Plan

Trial: 15 days

Available for development store

LimeSpot Personalizer pricing plan
LimeSpot Personalizer pricing plan

Please note that all the plans are tier-based pricing, which is based on your store’s monthly revenue. If the revenue exceeds the selected tier, LimeSpot will invoice you the difference between your and the next tier for that particular billing cycle.

4.5. PROs

In general, there are a few things you can take away about LimeSpot Personalizer

  • It’s definitely a helpful app to upsell and cross sell with AI-powered personalization platform
  • It’s easy to set up and customize with Native Visual Editor
  • The trial period is generous enough to test all features
  • With the Analytics and A/B test, you can rest assured about performance tracking of your product recommendation and make any adjustments timely
  • The app runs smoothly, has integration with page builder (you can consider using PageFly to move the widgets to any position on one page), review apps, mobile apps, etc
  • App provides tutorial and support in diverse method from documentation to chat support

4.6. CONs

  • The app is a little bit pricey as it bases on your revenue, the higher rates the widgets generated profit, the higher fee you have to pay. You need to make clear about the pricing with LimeSpot team to avoid unexpected charged or confused fee
  • The widgets are lineup at the bottom of each page and unable to change its position
  • Live-chat support is available however the advanced and professional support is only available for Enterprises

4.7. Recommended for

  • Silver Plan: A fit for small businesses with only the needs of AI product recommendations and Real-time analytics
  • Gold Plan: A/B testing included, suitable for upscaling your business with marketing campaigns, Shopify landing page or experiments
  • Enterprise Plan: Full features unlocked, fine-tuned product targeting mechanism, specialist support, only recommended for big business and professional management systems with revenue more than 1million $/ year

05. Cross Sell Recommend Products

Cross Sell Recommend Products On Shopify App Store
Shopify Upsell Apps: Cross-Sell Recommend Products

5.1. Main features

Cross Sell Recommend Products is another powerful app to cross-sell and increase conversion rates, especially to do in cart upsell

  • Show unique related products based on sales history, orders & collections.
  • Let you hand-pick recommended products for primary products
  • Allow choosing global recommended products for any products without handpicked items
  • Show recommendation in the Product page and Cart page
  • Show pop-up recommendation when users click Add To Cart button
Cross Sell Recommend Product App functionality
Cross Sell Recommend Products to create 3 types of recommendations
  • Analytic with clicks and converted orders, easy to track recommendation performance
Cross App's Analytics Dashboard
Easily track performance with Cross Sell Conversion Stats

5.2. Unique Selling Points

  • Cross Sell gives you finer control by letting you choose what related items to show
  • Only one fixed plan with full features access, even sales generated higher, the fee for each month is the same

5.3. Support

Documentation is easy to access right in the app with Guides, FAQs and Help articles. You can get specialized support by submitting a support ticket, the support team will reach out within a day or just an hour via email.

5.4. Pricing Plan

Trial: 10 days

Available for development store

Cross Sell Recommend App is one of the minor upsell apps in the App Store with only one plan, cost $19.99/month with no additional charge or revenues based cost as other apps.

5.5. PROs

With a quite high rating and good reviews in this category, here are some facts before deciding to use this app or not.

  • The app is helpful with adequate features for a store to cross-sell and increase conversion rates
  • The recommendation widgets are customizable to match brand images & works on all Shopify themes
  • The price plan is fixed and reasonable, so no worries about the additional charge. This might be the biggest factor for you to choose using this app because money always matters especially for small and medium businesses
  • Has integration with page builder such as PageFly and email marketing app
  • The recommendation can be shown in Pop-up type, which is a fresh way to trigger buyers behaviours

5.6. CONs

  • The app first step installation requires technical knowledge, however, you can reach out to support team ask for FREE installation
  • The widgets type are not diverse, mostly focus on handpicked product
  • Only available for product page and cart page
  • The support is only provided via email, no live-chat support so it might bother you when technical problems occur

5.7. Recommended for

With the starting price being quite high, this app is recommended for medium and above scale business. In the long term, this plug-in is really beneficial, especially for big businesses. As your sales grow, the app charge still remains the same.

06. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together on Shopify App Store
Shopify Upsell Apps: Frequently Bought Together

6.1. Main features

This top-ranking app with solid data mining algorithms will bring you the exciting experience to increase conversion rates:

  • Show automatic recommendations base on AI-powered algorithms
  • Manually fine-tune the recommendations for each product, creating your own product bundles
  • Apply a discount for product bundles as a discount upselling widget. Percentage discount codes (coupons) are created automatically.
  • Show random products when there is not enough data for automatic recommendations, filter by collection, product type or product vendor to display similar products
  • The styles are automatically tuned for the most popular Shopify themes. Manually check-up from technical team to ensure everything blends smoothly into your theme
  • You can select the position of the widget in the product pages
  • Enable tracking and Facebook Pixel integration
  • Enable fast loading to increase your page loading speed
Functionality of Frequently Bought Together app
Frequently Bought Together could increase page loading speed by adding theme code

6.2. Unique Selling Points

  • One fixed plan with access to all features at an affordable price
  • You can have the widgets ready in your store within seconds and with zero configuration

6.3. Support

You can access the support team and documentation right in the app, send emails to the support team and get a response within a day.

6.4. Pricing Plan

Trial: 30 days

Available for development store

$7.99/month is the only rate you need to pay to use this app, no hidden fees, unlimited access.

6.5. PROs

Frequently Bought Together with a high rating and many good reviews in the app listing has a lot of things you might like but also things to consider.

  • The app with powerful features of automatic and handpicked product recommendations
  • Combine bundles with discount to upsell your products, which is not all app has this feature
  • Monthly rate is money saving compare to many powerful functions provided
  • One month trial is a generous amount of time for you to experiment all features
  • Run smoothly with other pages made with page builder such as PageFly

6.6. CONs

  • The design system is not users friendly and hard to visualize when customizing widgets to match brand pattern
  • The documentation is limited as they don’t have a separate site, you have to use search bar, finding keywords in a small support box
Help Center of Frequently Bought Together App
Frequently Bought Together has a small area for help documentation
  • Only support provided via email, no live-chat support which might be inconvenient when you’re in urgency

6.7. Recommended for

This app is one of the best and cheapest in the app store of upsell & cross sell niche, if you’re a small business and don’t have a need to manage upsell activities with analytics, this is the most beneficial as the fixed price is only 7.99$ per month.

07. SMART Bundle Upsell By SKUP

Smart Bundle Upsell app on Shopify

SMART Bundle Upsell By SKUP on Shopify App Listing

7.1. Main features

  • Bundle Dashboard: Create bundles offers for Cross-selling and Upsell easily. All bundle offers are stored in a streamlined hub for effortless management.
  • Analytics Dashboard: User-friendly metrics tools that help track your upsell statistics and performance with comprehensive and meaningful visuals.
  • Language and Font Settings: Easily change language and font settings for optimal localization.
  • Strong Customization Capability: With SMART Bundle Upsell, you can easily customize your upsell and cross-sell offers in a variety of options, including and but not limited to:
    • Bundle Types: Standard Upsell, Discount Upsell, Free Shipping Upsell
    • Trigger Products: Condition Trigger Upsell Popup to show only selected products are customer carts.
    • Custom Currency to select your preferred currency.
    • Redirection and Hide/Show options to easily carry your shoppers further into online buyers’ journey.

SKUP app ui

SMART Bundle Upsell App UI

7.2. Unique Selling Points

  • A user-friendly, intuitive design that helps to create Bundle Pop-ups feels effortless.
  • Free to install, no credit card required.
  • Smart customization options to boost average order value

7.3. Support

SKUP shows how they keep good customer support one of their top priorities with tutorial and documentation centers available for new users to learn from the basics to the best practices.

24/7 Free Support from SKUP team, available for all plans to support users anytime, anywhere

SKUP in-app support

SMART Bundle Upsell Support

7.4. Pricing Plan

Trial: 07 days

SMART Bundle Upsell is one of the minor upsell apps in the App Store with only one plan, cost $27/month with no additional charge or revenues based cost as other apps.

7.5. PROs

In general, there are a few things you can take away about SMART Bundle Upsell

  • An interactive onboarding process that helps you get started right away.
  • Up-to-par upsells and cross-sells features in comparison with other apps. Plus, the app design is clean and intuitive which allows users to create pop-up quickly.
  • The price plan is fixed and reasonable, so no worries about the additional charge. This might be the biggest factor for you to choose using this app because money always matters especially for small and medium businesses
  • The recommendation can be shown in Pop-up type, which is a fresh way to trigger buyers behaviors

7.6. CONs

  • Tutorials are limited – with only two tutorials about Understanding the Basics and Post-purchase Upsells.
  • Live-chat support is available however it might take a few hours to get replies from the Support team

7.7. Recommended for

With only one pricing plan, this app is recommended for medium and scaling business. As your store grows, the benefits you can get from the apps get bigger while the pricing remains unchanged.

II. Upsell and Cross-sell Best Practices

When deciding to offer your customers more products than they actually need, there are a few applicable practices that you should keep in mind to make your strategy work effective.

2.1. Keep your offers wise, relevant and simple

First and foremost, you need to bring your customers some offers that make sense to them and remember to not offer random/unrelated products. The principle “Keep it simple” is always works – don’t offer too many choices, only 1 or 2 products is enough. Displaying 1- 2 widgets also is also recommended.

Because they came to the product page for the primary product, not for your offers. So it can be risky to drive the customer to a long shopping journey just to get what they don’t need.

2.2. Be transparent

Make sure that your message when upsell, cross-sell is clear enough: price, limited quantity, discount, requirement.

Doing some clickbait just makes customers annoyed and think they’re being fooled. And they would never click on those offers ever again.

Just being honest, customers will see the value and become loyal customers naturally.

2.3. Make your offer valuable with review and rating

Making your upsell widget be more trustworthy by adding product reviews or star ratings can make it more valuable. This is the same as a primary product page, add some review and testimonial anywhere the product present can make your products worth to buy rather than no proof.

Check how to create a nice product page here.

2.4. Reward customers

Once customers successfully add the upsell product to their cart, your job is still going on. You need to thank customers for purchasing this unplanned product with simple thank you messages or give them some free gift or discount code for next purchase.

2.5. Review performance

Lastly, to measure the performance of your upsell widgets, you should review it monthly, quarterly, or even weekly if your widgets are for seasonal promotion. By that, you can decide which offer is proving more sales, which combo is not effective and need to adjust them accordingly.


In the end, to decide which Shopify upsell apps are the best for your store, you need to think about what you really need, either a bundle discount, an automatic recommendation, or handpicked widgets. The next stage is choosing your plan that meets your budget because money always matters.

We believe with these Shopify plugins, your store conversion would increase as it should.

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