Build The Perfect Holiday Landing Pages With 25 Templates

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So it’s come down to this: the holiday season is fast approaching, you’ve got some great products, but you’re worried about how you’re going to attract and convert your customers.

Well, we’ve got the three magical words every store owner wants to hear at special times of the year: holiday landing pages.

Here at PageFly, we truly understand the importance of a good landing page; an importance that is quadrupled during festive times. Read on for some great, actionable advice about boosting your holiday sales with holiday landing pages, as well as 25 of the best holiday landing page templates for you to easily adapt to your store.

This is the third chapter in our 7-part master guide of getting your online store ready for the holidays. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out chapter 1 (4 easy steps to online holiday sales) and chapter 2 (22+ holiday marketing ideas).

I. What is a Holiday Landing Page?

Holiday landing page examples

A simple but effective holiday landing page from Avon. Image credit

A holiday landing page is an online store’s standalone page that attracts visitors and ushers them towards a holiday sale. Store visitors will click on an advertising link, usually placed in a Google ad or a social media ad, which will take them to the landing page. Here they will find a collection of great deals with urgent deadlines, as well as a large call-to-action link that takes them to the product page or collection page of the store.

Holiday landing pages are an integral part of the sales funnel, which, in its basic progression, looks something like this:

Holiday sales funnel

II. 3 Ways to Boost Conversion Rates through Holiday Landing Pages

The last thing you want for your holiday landing page is a lazy, drab design that fails to instill that holiday magic in your customers. There are 3 key things that every holiday landing page should have if they want to capture and convert customers with ruthless efficiency:

01. Great Design

Holiday landing page examples

Great holiday landing page design courtesy of Ecobee. Image credit

This may seem a bit of a no-brainer, but with your potential customers forming their opinions on your store within 0.05 seconds of seeing the design of your landing page, it’s vital to get it right.

Bad design is inexcusable on holiday landing pages. If a customer isn’t immediately wowed and intrigued to learn more, the urgency of the holidays means that they’ll click off and rush to another store.

To avoid this, you’ll need to optimize the design of your holiday landing page, which you can do through the following ways:

  • Make it festive – The aesthetic of the landing page should match the aesthetic of the holiday; there’s no use having a pumpkin-based design for Valentine’s day landing page, or an egg-based design for a Father’s Day landing page (unless your target’s loved ones are super into fresh produce). Make it just the right amount of festive to nurture that inert sense of holiday joy in your audience.
  • Make it clear – A good example of a holiday landing page is one that makes its main features stand out from the noise. Try and find the perfect balance of whitespace and color to emphasize the appeal of the headings, images, and call-to-action buttons that you want your visitors to focus on.
  • Remove the header and footer – It might seem counterintuitive for a landing page to not have the usual header and footer of the store it belongs to, but in reality, headers and footers are full of links that distract visitors to a landing page and pull them away from the call-to-action that you’re trying to promote. Hubspot managed a 28% increase in conversions on their landing page just by removing the header and footer. Find more tips and tricks to create the perfect Shopify landing page here. 

02. Urgency and FOMO

Fomo marketing

There are many ways to use FOMO marketing on your holiday landing pages. Image credit

By their very nature, holidays are urgent occasions. Each one happens just once per year and finding the perfect gift every time grows in urgency the closer we get to the big day.

Advertisers since the dawn of advertising have capitalized on this with pressing messages that rush customers into a purchase. The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is an even more powerful phenomenon in commerce; the best holiday landing pages use it very tactfully to drive sales.

In fact, 7 out of 10 millennials are influenced by FOMO. If you’ve got an eCommerce store that’s selling to the young crowd, creating urgency is unbelievably effective at boosting that conversion rate.

Check out a few ways you can employ FOMO on your landing pages:

  • Stock scarcity: ‘Only 3 left in stock!’
  • View counter: ‘6 people are currently viewing this item!’
  • Countdown timer: ‘Just 4 days left on this deal!’
  • Early buyer rewards: ‘First 100 buyers get a free plush toy!’

Are you feeling the pressure already? Landing pages for the holidays are the perfect places to foster urgency and cultivate FOMO amongst your viewers.

Got FOMO for FOMO? Find more powerful FOMO marketing tips and techniques to boost sales here. 

03. Discounts and Free Shipping

With great design and urgency-driving FOMO features, the last thing your holiday landing page needs is another little incentive to get visitors clicking on that call-to-action.

There are 2 ways to do this: through discounts and free shipping:


Make your discounts and free shipping policies clear. Image credit

3.1. Discounts

Who doesn’t love a discount? When it comes to the final push, a discount can be just what your customers need to make that buying decision.

On the best holiday landing pages, the discount is usually one of the centralized points, with the focus of the page split between this, the shipping policy, and the call-to-action button.

There are many types of discounts that you can employ for your store, including BOGO discounts, bundle discounts, bulk discounts, and first-time customer discounts. No matter which type of discount is right for your store, make sure that your holiday landing page displays it clearly.

3.2. Free Shipping

If you think discounts sound compelling, check out this stat: on average, customers find free shipping to be twice as attractive as percentage-off discounts.

That’s some serious weight that you can have behind your holiday landing page. Guaranteed free shipping is especially appreciated during the holidays, so even if you have to raise the price of your products to cover the shipping costs, or pay for shipping costs out of your own pocket, make sure shipping is free.

Again, like with the discount and the call-to-action button, your free shipping policy should be clear and attention-grabbing. You’ll probably find it converts more customers than you ever expected.

III. 25 Holiday Landing Page Templates To Inspire You

Designing a holiday landing page can feel like spinning plates: an exhausting battle to give each feature the right amount of attention and prominence on your page. Get it wrong, even slightly, and you’ll be picking up bits of landing page off the floor.

Thank heavens then for holiday landing page templates. These templates are tried-and-tested landing page designs that are guaranteed to give your store the best chance at a conversion.

It should go without saying that you should never rely solely on a template. Tweak it, change it and, if possible, A/B test it, and you’ll be sliding your customers through the most important part of the sales funnel.

Check out below our 25-holiday landing page templates to inspire you (please note that most of these templates are whole-store templates, not specifically landing page templates, but you can still easily create a landing page from any of these designs).

3.1. Top 5 Christmas and New Year’s Landing Page Templates

The most magical time of the year demands some pretty magical landing pages. It probably goes without saying that Christmas is the most lucrative holiday for stores, so an attractive holiday landing page could result in Santa bringing you an extra juicy profit margin this year.

The best Christmas and New Years’ landing pages feature…

  • Beautiful color schemes – Liberal use of red, white, and black.
  • Animated backgrounds – Think falling snow, vibrating jingle bells, and swaying snowmen.
  • Cute graphics and icons – Toon versions of Santa and friends help landing pages seem kid-friendly.
  • Countdown timers – Who doesn’t countdown to Christmas? Timers help build excitement and subtly encourage spending.

Explore PageFly Holiday Template Now

01. PageFly Christmas Landing Page – Free!

PageFly Christmas Landing Page

The Good: 

  • Clear design. Uses both image and video.
  • FOMO features with countdown timer and sale buttons.
  • Included in all PageFly plans, including the free plan.

The Bad: 

  • Some colours might need changing to match your brand colors.

02. Plantmore Christmas Landing Page$56

Plantmore Chrismas Landing page template

The Good: 

  • Great looking heading and image. Background of falling snow.
  • One-product feature to focus customers.
  • Countdown and reviews.

The Bad: 

  • A little expensive
  • A lot of text needs realigning

03. ProfMe Christmas Landing Page – $13

Profme Christmas Landing Page

The Good: 

  • Very affordable.
  • Background of falling snow.
  • Great image rotating feature.

The Bad: 

  • Too many distracting elements.
  • Infuriating music that plays on page loading.

04. ThemeeBIT Christmas and New Year Landing Page – $19

ThemeBit Christmas Landing Page template

The Good: 

  • Fantastic animations.
  • Cute graphics. Heading rotating feature.
  • Beautiful section-segregated layout.

The Bad: 

  • Infuriating music that plays on page loading.

05. Themeenergy Christmas Landing Page – $10

themeenergy Christmas Template

The Good: 

  • Very affordable. Short and sweet.
  • Interactive design that reveals products when the mouse is over.

The Bad: 

  •  Not much room for text.

3.2. Top 5 Valentine’s Day Landing Page Templates

Get your audience in the mood for love with these Valentine’s Day templates. These holiday landing pages are dripping with romance and help you craft sales campaigns around jewellery, flowers and romantic experiences for couples.

The best Valentine’s Day landing pages feature…

  • Beautiful backgrounds – Usually either hearts, flowers or ribbons.
  • Calligraphy fonts – For that personal, handwritten touch.
  • Plenty of whitespace – No one needs to be bombarded with red and pink; whitespace helps to separate the calls to action from the intensely red images.

01. PageFly Valentine’s Day Landing Page – Free!

PageFly landing page template

Explore PageFly Holiday Template Now

The Good: 

  • Great colour scheme. Great holiday-friendly fonts.
  • Included in all PageFly plans, including the free plan.
  • FOMO features and shipping policy clearly displayed.

The Bad: 

  •  Needs a lot of personalizing.

02. Valentina Valentine’s Day Landing Page – $16

Valentina Valentine template

The Good: 

  • Compatible with Mailchimp.
  • Well-sectioned design.

The Bad: 

  •  Very basic font. Needs more depth of color.

03. Themepoo Valentine’s Day Landing Page – $13

Themepoo Valentine Landing page template

The Good: 

  • FOMO features in the countdown and social proof
  • Wonderful use of icons.
  • Images that span tastefully across sections. Great illustrated graphics

The Bad: 

  •  Very basic font. Too much text for a holiday landing page.

04. Flowerbox Valentine’s Day Landing Page – $67

Flowerbox Valentine Landing page template

The Good: 

  • Wonderful images for flower-based stores.
  • Wonderful use of icons.
  • Images that span tastefully across sections. Great illustrated graphics

The Bad: 

  •  Very basic font. Too much text for a holiday landing page.

05. Love Declaration Valentine’s Day Landing Page – $69

Love Declaration valentine landing page template

The Good: 

  • Classy design. Gorgeous fonts.
  • Slow, attractive animations.

The Bad: 

  •  Quite expensive. Strange split image design with the heading.

3.3. Top 5 Back-to-School Landing Page Templates

Unbelievably, the back-to-school holiday attracts the second-highest amount of spending after Christmas. With more and more money being spent on electronics for high school and university students, and more and more of that spending taking place online, a good back-to-school landing page could be phenomenal for your sales.

The best Back-to-School landing pages feature…

  • Apt colour schemes – That’s a multitude of bright colours for kindergarten and elementary school and crisp, darker colours for high school and university.
  • Clear calls-to-action – It’s easy to get lost amongst the colour, but the best templates will use plenty of whitespace and clearly define CTA buttons.
  • Large images – A lot of the attraction of stationary and other back-to-school goods is in the visuals.

(Please note that these back-to-school landing page templates are directed mainly towards educational services and stationery stores. However, they still contain many of the key features of a good landing page template and can certainly be adapted to your back-to-school store.)

01. JuniorHome Back-to-School Landing Page – $17

Junior box Back To School Landing page

The Good: 

  • Beautiful use of colour. Plenty of whitespaces.
  • Great animations of elements when scrolling.
  • Uses both images and videos.

The Bad: 

  •  Limited use of fonts.

02. Kids Tree Back-to-School Landing Page – $75

Kids Tree Back to School landing page template

The Good: 

  • Crisp blue and orange colour scheme. Case study statistics offering social proof
  • Great element animation. Nifty in-built map feature.

The Bad: 

  • Relatively expensive.

03. Edubin Back-to-School Landing Page – $20

Edubin Back To School landing page

The Good: 

  • Dark, professional colours for college students.
  • Mix of image and video. Good vertical segregation of elements

The Bad: 

  • Requires quite a bit of work to turn into a functioning holiday landing page.

04. Stationery Back-to-School Landing Page – $70

Back to School landing page template

The Good: 

  • Beautifully designed title element. Wonderful element animation.
  • Clear call-to-action buttons. Fantastic use of whitespace

The Bad: 

  • Relatively expensive.

05. Letterhead Back-to-School Landing Page – $69

Letterhead Back To School template

The Good: 

  • Beautiful section segregation.
  • Clear call-to-action buttons. Large images with clever animation
  • Mini built-in product page

The Bad: 

  • Some animations are a little slow.
  • Relatively expensive.

3.4. Top 5 Halloween Landing Page Templates

Halloween is not just for kids. The record for spending in the U.S was set in 2021, with $10.1 billion overall, most of which was on costumes and decorations. If you can work seasonal costumes and decorations into the product lists of your store, you have a good chance to tap into one of the world’s oldest traditional holidays.

The best Halloween landing pages feature…

  • Spooky colour schemes – Orange, black, white and purple work great.
  • Rich backgrounds – Featuring skulls, pumpkins, bats, etc.
  • Age-appropriate images – These kinds of holiday landing pages are directed very differently towards kids and adults. There are plenty of age-appropriate images available to appeal to either audience over Halloween.

01. Allhallows Halloween Landing Page – $12

Halloween Landing page template

The Good The Bad
Great digitally drawn images Infuriating music that plays on page loading
Nice purple colour scheme Too much purple obscures the section lines
Good textured backgrounds Sign-up form doesn’t look good
Very affordable

The Good: 

  • Great digitally drawn images. Nice purple colour scheme.
  • Good textured backgrounds. Very affordable.

The Bad: 

  • Infuriating music that plays on page loading.
  • Too much purple obscures the section lines.
  • Sign-up form doesn’t look good.

02. Creepy Head Halloween Landing Page – $69

Creepy head Landing page templates

The Good: 

  • Orange and black colour scheme.
  • Large images. Mini built-in product page.

The Bad: 

  •  Not many unique features.

03. PartyMaker Halloween Landing Page – $72

Partymaker Holiday Landing page

The Good: 

  • Beautiful use of colour.
  • Professional appearance for an older market.
  • Great text animation. Halloween-specific icons

The Bad: 

  • Some text needs realigning.

04. MotoCMS Halloween Landing Page Template 1 – $139

MotoCMS Halloween landing page template 01

The Good: 

  • Enormous images. Clear call to action
  • Beautiful coloured icons. Halloween-specific icons

The Bad: 

  • Relatively expensive. Basic fonts.
  • Tiny text in many places

05. MotoCMS Halloween Landing Page Template 2$19

MotoCMS Halloween Landing page

The Good: 

  • Great parallax scrolling effect. Large images.
  • Clear backgrounds.
  • Very affordable

The Bad: 

  • Really only suitable for Halloween events.
  •  Quite wordy.  Unclear call-to-actions.

3.5. Top 5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page Templates

With more and more people determined to avoid the physical stampede of raging capitalism that Black Friday has come to represent, ecommerce has really stepped up in recent years. In 2020, shoppers spent record billions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, meaning the right holiday landing page could get you a very nice slice of the capitalist pie.

The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday landing pages feature…

  • Countdown timers – With a 1-day window to make a purchase, countdown timers on these two days are incredibly effective at encouraging spending.
  • Limited stock counters – Missing out on stock that is flying off the virtual shelves is many shoppers’ worst nightmare.
  • The colour red – Red has been proven to induce urgency in shoppers and is great for this very limited-time holiday.
  • Large and bold fonts – Only used sparingly around discounts and calls to action.

1. PageFly Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page – Free!

PageFly Black Friday Landing Page Template

Explore PageFly Holiday Template Now

The Good: 

  • Central countdown timer. Sign-ups to encourage pre-ordering
  • Clear calls to action.
  • Included in all PageFly plans, including the free plan.

The Bad: 

  •  Lacks a little bit of whitespace.

PageFly Black Friday landing page template

PageFly actually has a huge selection of Black Friday and Cyber Monday landing page templates – all completely free! Check them out here.

2. Black – Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page – $18

Black Friday Landing page template

The Good: 

  • Sleek countdown timer.
  • Large text. Great use of neutral colour.
  • Based around a single product.

The Bad: 

  • Needs a more prominent call-to-action.

3. MotoCMS Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page – $19

Black Friday landing page template

The Good: 

  • Enormous text. Great colour scheme.
  • Great discount stickers.
  • Clear countdown timer.

The Bad: 

  •  Products and discounts higher placement.
  • Calls-to-action needs to be much more clear.

4. Pennyblack Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page – $20

Penny-black Landing Page templates

The Good: 

  • Unique heading and title image.
  • Nice use of black and orange colours.
  • Combination of images and videos.

The Bad: 

  • No FOMO features.
  • Product images should be more prominent.

5. GetSales Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page – $17

GetSales landing page template

The Good: 

  • Title images move with the cursor.
  • FOMO-creating heading. Great discount animations on brand buttons
  • Clear countdown timer.

The Bad: 

  • Could include more red to induce urgency.
  •  Text is not very large. Small variety in font styles.

For more advice on how to attract traffic during this lucrative holiday, check out our comprehensive guide on building the perfect holiday landing page for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

IV. How to Adapt Templates into the Perfect Holiday Landing Page

Once you’ve found your ideal template, you’ll want to start turning it into the ultimate customer-converting machine. We’ve already mentioned a few of the key features that the best holiday landing pages have, but how else can you adapt the templates above?

  • Focus the attention – Remove most of the sections of your template to make sure visitors aren’t distracted by unnecessary elements. Depending on the template, you might need to make your text larger and your call-to-action buttons bigger, but you will certainly have to remove the header and footer to focus attention.
  • Personalise the FOMO – Add countdown timers to any template that doesn’t have them, as well as making discounts bolder and adding stock scarcity.
  • Make it mobile-friendly – 68% of holiday spending online now takes place on mobile devices. Make sure that your landing page looks great and clear on mobile devices.
  • Download PageFly – Shopify’s number 1 page builder really helps to bring holiday landing pages together. PageFly has a simple drag and drop system that helps store owners craft the ultimate converting page, with plenty of holiday templates and a huge library of elements tailored to different devices.

If you’re looking for a more detailed guide to creating the perfect landing page, check it out here.

V. Wrapping up on Holiday Landing Pages

No matter the occasion, the right holiday landing page has the potential to capture and convert more effectively than any other device on your store. From downloading the template to publishing the finished page, a little free help from PageFly can make all the difference to your conversion rate.

This is the final chapter in our master guide on getting your store ready for the holidays. If you’ve checked out the full guide, thanks for sticking with us! If not, you can find a wealth of useful information here:

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