Build an Amazing Shopify FAQ Page

Merchants need great Shopify FAQ Pages

So is it important for Shopify stores to have a FAQ page? Absolutely, and better yet there are ways to improve your Shopify FAQ page.

A high-functioning Shopify FAQ page, aside from being a great resource for alleviating customer pains, will deliver the following:

  • “Alleviate purchasing anxieties that your product page copy doesn’t directly address.
  • Relieve some of the burden on customer support by publicly answering common questions.
  • Improve SEO and site navigation.
  • Earn trust by demonstrating product expertise and explaining your business model.
  • Delight customers by creatively answering their questions.”

To summarize, the Shopify FAQ page is an amazing way to connect traffic to other desired areas of your site, while also connecting with them and solving their problems and benefiting them at different points of the purchase journey.

“Frequently asked question hubs (FAQ pages) help your business succinctly and appropriately respond to the needs of your audience.

FAQ pages often expand into content aggregator destinations within websites; bringing in new users and driving them onto related pages – most typically deeper blog pages and service pages closely related to the questions being resolved.”


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Make sure your Shopify FAQ Page Supplements your Strategy

As stated by Shopify, and FAQ page can be an asset or a distraction.

To make sure that it offers real assistance and avoids pointing your visitors in the right direction, consider:

  • “Customers email you with the same questions on an ongoing basis, so it’s better to address them publicly and prominently.
  • You have or plan to create content/landing pages that you can link to and continue the journey from question to conversion.
  • Your product/service/business raises questions and concerns that are best handled in a straightforward manner.”


And to make sure your Shopify FAQ page is relevant and practical, you should:

Talk to your customers: the first place you can gain insight into what they need will be by checking customer emails and support tickets. This will allow you to best formulate an effective Shopify FAQ page.

Make sure answers are cleverly written: this relates to the old sales concept of spinning a negative into a positive. Even if some of your customers concerns may shine a negative light on something, you should offer a constructive and positively-worded answer.

Focus on relevancy, utility and opportunities: be selective with the questions that are included on your Shopify FAQ pages so they will further lead the reader along their journey and increase conversion.

Best Shopify FAQ Page Examples

The best way to see how the top stores are doing it by seeing some great Shopify FAQ page examples. We’ve found some solid examples for you to use when making your own Shopify FAQ page.

Death Wish Coffee


Death Wish has definitely been listening to their customers troubles, as they’ve provided a very thorough set of dropdown menus that answer a ton of questions. They’ve also managed to go big on design toward the bottom and maintain some of that rich, bold brand imagery with an email subscription CTA to boot!


Faucet Face


It can be tough to add a lot of style to the FAQ page, but Facet Face does a good job of maintaining their brand image. They’ve included plenty of calls to action, with quick access to their reviews page and a great description of their social commitments and promotion promotion notifications too.

Rebecca Minkoff


This Shopify FAQ page has counteracted the humdrum design with a great willingness to fully support their customers. They’ve given very specific information on how they can be reached should the FAQ not sufficiently solve the visitors problem.

The page is also very well organized, with heading on the left outlining different topics of the FAQ.

Here are a few more FAQ pages to check out if you’re looking for more inspiration:

Build your own Shopify FAQ Page with PageFly

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[Video] Building Your Shopify FAQ Page

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