Best Shopify Reviews Apps: 10+ Tools To Build Trust and Grow Sales

Best Shopify Product Reviews Apps For Your Online Store Success

What people say about you is infinitely more powerful than what you say about yourself. That’s why we’re here, talking about Shopify reviews apps.

Social proof. Just one of the many components needed to grasp hold of the most precious resource in eCommerce – trust.

Trust is hands-down the number one motivator in turning cold visitors into paying customers

And without a physical location, warm staff and a hands-on feel for products, this trust can be hard to gain as an online business. But it’s not impossible. As an eCommerce merchant, the biggest player in developing trust with social proof is using user-generated content.

Content, written by real people, with real opinions about your products. Also known as, reviews.

I. The Importance of Product Reviews

To understand the value behind product reviews, check out the results from this study regarding user-generated content.

Infographic about importance of testimonials and reviews
Study on the importance of user-generated content 2017

Correlation between user-generated content and trust can be seen across the board. But what might be shocking to you is people’s willingness to pay MORE for a similar, more expensive product that has reviews, rather than save money on a product that has none.

The lesson: Don’t focus on price point. Focus on generating trust with real user reviews.

With this in mind, you have more opportunities to stay profitable with decent margins long term.

Shopify, being the user-friendly platform that it is, has a metric ton of reviews apps you can install onto your store to build that valuable trust.

In chapter 03 of our Best Shopify Apps Guide, I sifted through them all to bring you a list of the best Shopify reviews apps that can be used across most niches and industries to help you capture more sales.

II. Top 10+ Best Shopify Reviews Apps To Boost Your Store Credibility

01. Loox – Photo Reviews

Loox Reviews Apps
Loox on Shopify App Store

1.1. Main features

If a picture can speak a thousand words, it’s no wonder Loox makes the top of the list. It lets users upload images alongside a message to show your potential buyers the condition of the product on delivery and/or how it benefited them by showing the product in use.

Whether you’re a startup or hosting a large scale enterprise, Loox has the capacity to help you rank with SEO, capture more reviews and boost conversions as a result.

Basic features from Loox Reviews App
Loox’s user interface

1.2. Unique Selling Point

The ability to schedule email reminders to collect reviews really sets Loox apart from most Shopify Reviews Apps. Most buyers will avoid or simply forget to give feedback on purchases, Loox makes your life as a merchant that little bit easier.

1.3. Support

Loox’s live chat responded immediately, however, the interface is not so user friendly. Users are told to fill a title and a message in separate fields, making it look nothing like a live chat, but more like email support.

Loox Customer support
Loox’s support responds instantly

1.4. Pros

  • A bunch of cool tools integrated that help you generate more sales
  • Clean, concise, easy to use interface
  • Customize review form, review widget and language
Loox Reviews App's Basic Settings
Loox’s Settings
  • Pop-up widget to show recent purchases on your store
  • Sends out automated, periodic emails with discount codes for buyers who leave a review
  • Integration with PageFly: Users can add Loox’s elements to pages at any position without coding
  • Free Plan for Shopify Partners and Development Stores
  • Export reviews as CSV file
  • Import reviews from AliExpress, 3-party apps and spreadsheets

1.5. Pricing

Loox’s pricing plans
Loox’s pricing plans

Loox is free for Shopify development stores and merchants on a 14-day free trial. Paid plans range from $9.99 to $99.99 per month.

1.6. Recommended for

Using image reviews won’t be necessary for every niche, but if you’re selling a product with visual and aesthetic appeal it can be a gamechanger. Loox is also great for large scale stores that need massive functionality.
Learn more about how to use Loox review with PageFly Page Builder in this detailed tutorial:

02. Rivyo Product Review

Rivyo Reviews App on Shopify App Store
Rivyo on Shopify App Store

2.1. Main Features

Another top-tier name among Shopify reviews apps that ties simplicity and functionality together.

If you’re dropshipping, Rivyo lets you import reviews directly from AliExpress onto your Shopify store. You can also take advantage of customization features to create congruent branding and pop the reviews anywhere on your store with simple code.

Main features of Rivyo Reviews App
Rivyo’s user interface

2.2. Unique Selling Point

Rivyo excels when it comes to importing reviews from other sources to your Shopify store. Whether it’s AliExpress (great for new merchants), Excel files or another eCommerce platform, Rivyo makes the process fairly smooth. And with a free pan available, there’s really not much to complain about.

2.3. Support

Rivyo’s live chat responds after less than 5 minutes, which is not bad. Their help center, which is called solution home, also provides helpful tutorials to an acceptable extent.

Rivyo Customer Support review
Rivyo support responded after 4 minutes

2.4. Pros

  • Ability to create a page to display all reviews
  • SEO rich widget for appearing in organic searches
  • Customize the content of the review widget elements
How to set up Rivyo Reviews App
Rivyo allows users to customize the content of the review widget
  • Display testimonials and pop-up widget to catch attention
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Ability to import reviews instantly from AliExpress
  • Hefty customization options to strengthen branding
  • Integration with PageFly: Mutual users can add Rivyo elements into PageFly pages easily without coding

2.5. Pricing

Rivyo has a free plan available with more advanced features falling under the paid subscription of $5.99.

2.6. Recommended for

Great for new merchants, particularly drop shippers who are yet to make sales or generate reviews. Easy importing of AliExpress reviews is a big bonus for startups.

03. Judge.Me Product Reviews Reviews App on Shopify App Store on Shopify App Store

3.1. Main Features

Judge.Me are doing a lot of things right. With a neat interface, photo, video reviews and the ability to write product reviews from the comfort of their email inbox. Convenience and functionality are key assets here.

Judge.Me is one of the cheaper Shopify reviews apps on the market with features to match. basic settings and features’s user interface

3.2. Unique Selling Point

Our favorite flex point of Judge.Me has to be the powerful customization and styling options for your review widgets. This helps fortify your branding and create a consistent look across all elements in your Shopify store.

3.3. Support

The first thing to notice upon installing is that there’s not any “Live chat” button. Though offering a live chat on their Homepage, the lack of a live chat within the app is a huge inconvenience when it comes to user experience.’s live chat support on the homepage is though not so responsive. Along with the live chat, users can submit a support ticket using emails, ask in its forum or search in its knowledge base. Customer Support’s knowledge base

3.4. Pros

  • Free support for setting up and integrating the app
  • 6 free themes to display your reviews
  • Highly convenient review capture system through email
How to set up Reviews App’s settings for email reviews capturing system
  • Setup a sequence to request reviews via email
  • Customizable emails to tailor your message for your audience
  • Import reviews from other review apps and other eCommerce platforms

  • Feature-heavy Shopify reviews app at a low price point
  • Integration with PageFly: can be easily added into PageFly pages as a native PageFly elements.

3.5. Pricing

Forever Free plan gives you use of unlimited reviews and most features. Advanced functionality can be yours for $15 per month on their Awesome plan. You can also make use of their 30 day refund period.

3.6. Recommended for

Any and all Shopify merchants that are looking to save costs and bump up conversion rates.

04. Fera Product Reviews

Fera App listing page

4.1. Main Features 

Not only does Fera allow you to display your product reviews beautifully, but you can also collect and display photo and video reviews too. 

All aspects of Fera review widgets are customizable from the colors to the display conditions, and your average ratings will show up on Google search results too. 

Fera features

4.2. Unique Selling Point

Fera allows you to collect reviews automatically and incentivize shoppers with incentives like cashback, loyalty points (with, and discounts. 

Fera feature

The best part about Fera is that all functionalities like video reviews are included in the free plan!

4.3 Pros

  • Free plan
  • PageFly integration
  • SEO (Google) friendly
  • Amazing customer support
  • Highly customizable widgets
  • Ability to collect and display video reviews feature

  • Automatically request reviews through email
  • Three incentives to collect reviews (discounts, loyalty points, and cashback)

4.4. Support

Live chat and phone support!

4.5. Pricing

Fera offers a free plan for all eCommerce stores. Pricing changes as you use more widgets or start collecting more reviews. Standard paid plans range from $9/month to $99/month. Custom pricing is available for large stores.

Fera app listing page

4.6. Recommended for

Fera is recommended for stores that want to build trust with their shoppers in order to sell more. If you are in a consumer goods space like lifestyle, fashion, beauty, technology, or home decor, Fera is the perfect reviews app for you. 

5. : Product Reviews

5.1. Main features customers can collect and display product and company reviews through customizable review widgets. The solution has a whole range of features including a UGC Generator as well as an Instagram influencer identifier which aims to improve brands’ social proof. 

review io app

5.2. Unique Selling Point allows you to utilize its advanced product widgets, in particular, the product attribute widget. By rating specifics like fit, comfort, and quality, instead of just their overall experience, past customers give shoppers far greater insight into a product and whether or not it’s right for them. This then allows them to build more informed customer profiles. 

Take your social proof to the next level with their UGC generator, which allows merchants to edit their review content into beautiful shareable images which can be implemented on websites, in marketing campaigns, or on social media.

5.3. Support

With offices covering all time zones, offers fantastic support. Merchants can use the Live chat feature 24 hours a day and will get a response within minutes. 

5.4. Pricing plans offers monthly and yearly plans, which, unlike many other review solutions, means merchants will not be kept in long-term contracts if they don’t want to be. pricing


  • Google Licensed Platform 
  • Flow feature which allows you to customize your review invites (based on location/type of review etc.)
  • 24-hour friendly customer support.  
  • Many tech integrations include popular tools such as Shopify, Klaviyo, LoyaltyLion and Gorgias. 

5.6. Recommended for

A great solution for growing brands who would like to increase their conversion rates by installing greater trust to their customers. also offers contract buyout options for those whose current review solution is not working for them. 

06. Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews

Yopto Reviews App on Shopify App Store
Yotpo on Shopify App Store

6.1. Main Features

The 5th of the list, Yotpo offers multiple ways to collect reviews from customers including in-email and through the on-site widget. You get product reviews, rating, photo reviews, and site reviews rolled up into one easy to use interface.

Yopto Review App basic features and settings
Yotpo’s user interface

6.2. Unique Selling Point

When it comes to truly differentiate features, YotPo really steps up to the plate with the ability to collect reviews through Facebook – a massive game-changer in the digital age. We also love the fact that they incorporate seriously advanced insights and analytics to constantly improve your eCommerce game.

6.3. Support

Yotpo’s live chat support is worth 10/10, which responds almost immediately.

Yotpo’s live chat responds instantly
Yotpo’s live chat responds instantly

Along with live chat, Yotpo also provides support via emails and a Help Center where information is presented and organized coherently.

6.4. Pros

  • Advanced analytics to make better marketing decisions

Yotpo Review App's Analytic feature

Yotpo’s Advanced Analytics

  • Ability to moderate reviews and content
  • Display reviews in multiple widgets options
  • Customize review widgets for better branding
  • Official partners with Facebook and Google to help drive quality traffic to your store
  • Fluid mobile display and functionality
  • Integration with PageFly: Yotpo is another app that can be used within PageFly seamlessly, users can add a Yotpo widget to any position easily without coding.
Yotpo’s basic features
Yotpo’s basic features

6.5. Pricing

Free! Yotpo also offers a Growth Plan within the app starting at $29.99 per month.

6.6. Recommended for

Merchants that love and trust data for influencing their future business decisions. It’s also a solid choice for anyone migrating from other review apps with its simple one-click import feature.

07. Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews

Ali Reviews App on Shopify App Store
Ali Reviews on Shopify App Store

7.1. Main Features

The 6th on the list but by no means last, Ali Reviews offers users with a wide range of features, focusing on collecting reviews and displaying reviews.

With Ali Reviews, users can collect reviews by importing from suppliers, collect on the website from popups and review widgets,, or collect reviews from after-sales email campaigns.

Also, users can create a page dedicated to display reviews and customize how reviews are displayed on their pages.

Ali Reviews’ basic settings and features
Ali Reviews’ user interface

7.2. Unique Selling Point

Compared to other Shopify reviews apps on the market, Ali Reviews stands out for its intuitive user interface, there are many features with many customization options but everything is organized and easy to access. A preview that reflects users’ configuration in real-time is also another feature that makes Ali Reviews very easy to use.

7.3. Support

Ali Reviews integrate their support with Facebook Messenger, which is pro and con at the same time. Many users will prefer getting support anonymously. Also, it’s hard to find an option to disconnect the Facebook account, which is a huge inconvenience.

7.4. Pros

  • Intuitive UI, easy to use and understand features
  • Real-time previews that allow users to view their work instantly
  • After-sales email campaign: Easy to customize and setup
  • Integration with PageFly: Ali Reviews’ elements are available as PageFly native elements that can be added to any page at any position, no coding required.

7.5. Pricing

Ali Reviews offers 3 plans, which are detailed clearly within the dashboard:

  • Starter: $9.99/month
  • Essential: $19.99/month
  • Premium: $49.99/month

7.6. Recommended for

  • Merchants who need an after-sale email sequence,
  • Merchants who prefer simple customization with easy setup.

That’s our pick for top 05 Shopify Review Apps, we left out several honorable mentions due to the limit of this post, however, if you have the time – take a troll around App Store.

May your perfect Review app be waiting for you there.

08. Proofo – Photo Reviews by AVADA

Proofo by AVADA is a saas product that can work in Shopify, Magento and other platforms as well. There are two big functions in this app:

  • Notification popups
  • Photo Reviews (or Product Reviews)

In this article, we would love to introduce the latter function of Proofo: Photo Reviews

Proofo Review app

8.1. Main features

  • Upload multiple photos reviews at once
  • Collect reviews easily by auto-email reminder
  • Rewarding customers leaving reviews by coupon
  • Verified buyer mark boost up the credibility of reviews
  • Stores can reply reviews right at backend
  • Smart selector allows putting reviews section at any position on frontend
  • Reports on reviews and email reminder

8.2. Unique selling point

Smart selector can be listed as the most unique function on Avada Proofo – Photo Reviews.

Admins can directly put the review section at the desired position on Homepage, product page, collection page, and more. Different from other position selectors, Smart Selector allows you to browse the frontend page right when you are at backend, insert the review block then the position name is auto-applied.

See the following image for better illustration:

Proofo review app app ui

8.3. Support

Avada support includes Live chat and Ticket system. For live chat, you can get their response instantly within their working time. They even support on holiday and day-off but you may need to wait for a maximum half-day.

Ticket system of Avada is on Freshdesk which is user-friendly. For technical issues, ticket is a great way to connect the team.

Proofo Product Shopify Review Apps support

8.4. Pros

  • Multiple functions in one product
  • Collect reviews supper easily and effectively
  • Manage all submitted reviews at backend
  • Fully responsive with almost themes and third-party add-ons
  • Using AJAX loading to improve customer experience
  • Fast support, life-time updates

8.5. Pricing

Start from $0.

14 day free trial.

8.6. Recommended for

New stores who do not have many customers at the start. You need to persuade customers using social proofs such as purchase activities, statistics to make them trust you first.

In case you are a growing store on Shopify, using Proofo helps your business grow faster with Photo Reviews functions.

If you are either of two store types, Proofo app one of the best choices for Shopify reviews apps out there.

09. Opinew Product Reviews App

9.1. Main features

Opinew Shopify Product Reviews apps

If you are looking for an optimal solution to make your product page look busy with customers’ reviews from different platforms, Opinew would be an ideal choice for you.

One of the most impressive features that Opinew provides is importing product reviews from some popular platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay,…But more than that, you are totally allowed to add customers’ photos and customize the display of all the reviews in order to match your website theme.

Besides, Opinew offers some customizable templates and coupons or discounts as the incentives to request reviews from customers automatically.

9.2. Unique Selling Point

Importing product reviews from some cross-border platforms ( Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay) is an outstanding feature that differentiates Opinew from other Shopify product review apps.
Worry-free installation, just one-click-import with Opinew’s Google Chrome Extension.

Opinew features

9.3. Support

Opinew does provide live chat support every day in a week. Such an amazing support service,  you are connected to a human within a minute after asking for help.

Opinew Dashboard

9.4. Pros

  • No coding or web designer skills needed
  • Easy install Opinew on your Shopify store and manage through Opinew dashboard or Chrome Extension
  • Easy-to-use Chrome extension to quickly import bulk reviews from product sites
  • Advanced Customisation: you can customize your page by adding custom CSS or design everything from scratch with Opinew API.
  • Seamless Integration with Google shopping (reviews in shopping ads) and rich snippets (stars in google search results).

9.5. Pricing

Amazingly, Opinew offers a 14-day-free trial and users can choose a monthly payment plan or yearly payment plan. Picking the yearly pricing plan will save you 2 months billed annually
4 types of plans are provided to fit different purposes, which are for Individuals, Small shops, Growing businesses, Established Brands.

9.6. Recommended for

All merchants who would like to boost up sales through trustworthy reviews of customers from multiple sales channels.

10. Growave ‑ Loyalty, Wishlist +3

All-in-one marketing platform that empowers your Shopify store with product reviews, wish lists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC.

Growave Loyalty, Wishlist

10.1 Unique Selling Point

Growave hits the bullseye and allows you to create customer-centric loyalty programs. They can also automate the review collection process with email reminders. Along with photo review functionality Growave also comes with a range of customizations to match the theme and needs of your eCommerce store.

10.2 Pros 

  • Easy to install and use
  • Responsive and friendly customer support
  • Feature-rich functionality with unlimited usage
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy migration from other apps
  • All widgets are customizable to suit your brand colors

10.3 Support

Growave has a live chat available on the developer’s website. You can also book a call and talk with support. Support is available 24/7. They have a help center, which provides helpful tutorials..

10.4 Pricing

Growave has a 14-day free trial available. The starter plan goes under the paid subscription of $19/month.  Growth plan with advanced functionality goes for $99/month.

10.5 Recommended for

  • Small and medium businesses
  • Shopify merchants looking for a well-designed Shopify reviews app to build brand trust.
  • Shopify merchants that are looking for good all-in-one marketing solutions to save costs and increase sales.
  • Businesses, that look for extra functionality (loyalty & rewards, social login, shoppable Instagram galleries & wishlist)

11. LAI Ali Reviews Product Review

LAI Reviews App

LAI Product Review on Shopify App Store

1.1 Main Features

LAI Product Review users can easily import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, and other eCommerce platforms via DSers (Oberlo), CSV file, and EPROLO straight to your Shopify store. LAI Product Review has a clean user interface, it’s easy to navigate, and has strong customization functionality.

LAI Reviews

LAI Product Review’s dashboard user interface

1.2 Unique Selling Point

LAI Product Review allows its users to quickly import reviews from most eCommerce platforms to your Shopify store, with the option to preview, filter, and freely customize the reviews’ styling and layout with ease. LAI Product Review is an all-in-one powerful tool that will help you up your merchant game.

LAI Reviews ratings

LAI Product Review’s display customization

1.3 Support

Offering prompt and detailed responses, LAI Product Review offers excellent support. Users can opt for using live chat or emails to reach customer support. You will get a response within minutes by using LAI Product Review’s live chat.

1.4 Pros

  • Clear, simple, and user-friendly interface.
  • Ability to import, preview, translate, and customize review layout.
  • Import reviews instantly from AliExpress, Amazon, etc. via DSers (OBerlo), CSV file, and EPROLO.
  • Customize content of the reviews.
  • Free installation and integration assistance from Customer Support.
  • SEO friendly
  • Ability to collect and display video reviews
  • Google and integrations

LAI Integrations

Various integrations available on LAI Product Review

1.5 Pricing

LAI Product Review has a Forever Free plan available which allows you to import reviews from AliExpress and via CSV, with more advanced options available starting from $4.95/month. Users can choose between several plans to match their merchandising needs, along with a 7 day free trial plan.

LAI Pricing plan

LAI Product Review’s pricing plans

1.6 Recommended for

Merchants that want powerful customization and ability to import from various eCommerce channels and third-party apps. LAI Product Review is also great for merchants that want a zero-hassle experience setting up and importing reviews instantly.

III. Shopify Reviews Apps: Best Practices to Build Trust

01. Don’t Fake It Til You Make It

This is golden advice that shouldn’t be ignored. There was a time when it was moderately acceptable for merchants to write their own reviews (usually dropshipping stores) to gain business in the early stages of store launch.

But it doesn’t fly anymore.

Consumers are smarter than ever, with some even actively hunting down eCommerce stores with fake reviews. And in this digital age, fake reviews are one of the fastest ways to get publicly humiliated on social platforms.

02. Flaunt Them

Meaning, always make sure your reviews are visible to your site visitor. We see a lot of stores hiding reviews inside tabs and tucked away at the bottom of the page.

If your prospect has to hunt for reviews, they’re less likely to become your customer.

Keeping them visible, directly below your product information along with a headline like “Reviews” or “What People Are Saying” is ideal.

03. Don’t Delete Negative Reviews

It’s tempting to delete negative reviews as soon as they crop up, but it’s not always a bright idea. In general, consumers are wary of any brand that has a “perfect record”. So leaving negative reviews can humanize your brand and give you legitimacy.


It turns out 52% of people trust products more with a few negative reviews.

Examples of good response to customer reviews
A positive showcase of customer service in response to a review

But beyond this, negative reviews give you a chance to show off your customer service skills by publicly replying and offering a solution. This can only show your brand in a good light.

04. Always Listen

The most common customer complaints are around bad service, problems with products and policies they disagree with.

With this in mind, you can take constructive criticism on board and improve your processes going into the future. A brand that refuses to grow can never bloom into long term success. Use your reviews as a learning opportunity.

05. Address Their Fears

People want to be heard. Especially if they’ve had a bad experience. And they absolutely fear that nobody will hear them out.

If you can reach out to your customers with open ears and understanding, the likelihood of negative complaints can be reduced. By listening to their fears and frustrations you’ve already satisfied their need to be heard.

Therefore, always make sure you have clear lines of communication open for customers to reach you. Email addresses and messenger chat boxes are vital in 2020. You can even take your pre-emptive skills to the next level by sending out surveys or check-ups to your email list.

06. Make It Easy To Leave Reviews

It goes without saying that if you don’t ask for reviews, you may not get them. Loox – Photo Reviews, for example, has features that will periodically send out review requests with a link to the product they bought.

But apps like Judge.Me and Yotpo featured above take ease of use one step further by allowing customers to leave reviews directly from their email inbox.

How to collect reviews idea
Yotpo email review collection

Customers probably won’t come back to your site and leave a review on their own accord. Polite email requests are usually the best form of reminder.

Learn more about collecting reviews: Real world social proof examples and how to apply to your website

07. Offer Incentive For Reviews

We now know that most people aren’t going to bother leaving a review unless they’re angry, frustrated or supremely satisfied. So how do you capture the large percentage of happy customers that are simply too busy or too lazy?

Incentives are a great option. A simple discount code can be generated after leaving a review for customers to use in the future. Or, you can create a prize draw and enter them with a chance of winning.

how to ask for product reviews
Incentive example in exchange for reviews

Get creative with your incentives – as long as the reward outweighs the cost!


The recipe for a successful eCommerce journey is incomplete without one vital ingredient – product reviews.

And as the chef in charge, it’s up to you to encourage feedback and wear it with pride on your storefront. Trust is the most important resource you have. And without reviews, that trust and credibility are so much harder to gain.

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