Affordable SEO Services & Apps for Small Businesses (2021 Updated)

It is challenging for small businesses to expand their online stores while economizing on time and money. They must take a number of steps to drive traffic and increase conversions. Some businesses ignore SEO because it is quite costly and time-consuming to invest thoroughly in this process. However, as a wise marketer, you probably understand the importance of SEO for the survival of your business. Using an affordable automatic SEO tool is an appropriate solution that you need to take into account.

Dive in to find out some great SEO services that best suit your small business.

Top 05 Affordable SEO Services and Apps We’ll Talk About Include:

  • Straight North 
  • Search Berge
  • Engine Scout
  • EZ Rankings
  • SEO Booster App

I. Why Do Small Businesses Need SEO?

The steady growth of the Internet has urged people to do most things online. Businesses start selling on e-commerce platforms and customers go shopping online. When customers are curious about a brand, or in need of a product, they usually type keywords in the search engines such as Google. However, instead of clicking on paid ads that appear on top results, most customers trust the organic ones. That’s why improving ranking in search results helps you approach more target customers.

SEO refers to strategies that earn higher positions in the search engines. To small businesses, SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy with long-lasting benefits, provided that they find an appropriate SEO service provider. By using affordable SEO services, you can not only reduce your spending by nearly a half but also leverage the best SEO practices.

01. Boost organic traffic and enhance user experience

Customers usually see top-ranked websites in the search engine as more trustworthy sources of information than others. As long as you gain a top organic position in the search results, you are able to approach thousands of leads worldwide. Therefore, you have a better chance to generate more sales and grow your small business.

However, some merchants only focus on website rankings and ignore the importance of customer experience. You might overuse keywords in your website to get more attention which causes inconvenience to users. In addition, search engines prefer eligible sources of information to provide users with the best online experience.

Fortunately, SEO tools do not only provide solutions for rankings optimization. They do contribute to enhancing the user experience, such as a friendly interface, good-looking layout, ease of use, consistent content, and relevant link building. Once visitors are satisfied with your website, they are more likely to make a purchase.

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02. Increase brand recognition and credibility

A successful firm always concentrates on building its brand awareness, as it creates a permanent impression in the minds of users. For instance, if a man wants to buy a television, he probably thinks of some well-known brands and is more likely to purchase from them. As mentioned above, most customers trust higher-position websites instead of obscure ones. That’s why SEO plays a critical role in improving your brand awareness.

03. Boost your competitiveness

Investing in SEO is a must if you want to compete against a massive number of brands. All the components of SEO – from keyword optimization, link building, user experience improvement to content optimization – have a great influence on your competitiveness. If you own a comprehensively optimized website, you can expose your business to more local and worldwide customers. Search engine optimization grants you an opportunity to get ahead of your rivals. By using a relevant SEO tool, you can assure the survival of your business in today’s fierce competition.

04. Secure the efficiency of investment in marketing strategy

SEO is the most affordable and powerful marketing strategy for any small online business. According to research, organic SEO is far more effective than paid advertising campaigns in approaching customers. The cost of SEO services is worth it, as long as you make the best use of them. You need to continue investing in search engine optimization to enjoy its permanent results.

II. Top 5 Most Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

To small businesses, finding appropriate SEO services or SEO tools is not a simple task, since SEO includes a variety of components. Some people may misunderstand “affordable” as “cheap”. An affordable SEO service offers an efficient way of applying optimization tactics on your website to improve its visibility on search results, while a cheap SEO service provides fast optimization for your site at a very low cost but lacks a key factor which is “quality”. Therefore, you must be aware of which services you need so that your investment is cost-effective.

There are some main types of SEO services: technical SEO, content marketing, local SEO, video optimization… Because it differs from business to business, each one needs specific types of services depending on their products, target market, objectives, etc. SEO service providers usually offer tools with many SEO packages. You can find thousands of tools available on e-commerce platforms, but which one best suits your small business? Here we would like to recommend some great tools that assist you in finishing complicated SEO tasks.

01. Straight North 

Straight North services

Founded in 1997, Straight North is a leading marketing agency that offers the full set of SEO solutions for small and midsize firms in different industries ranging from agriculture to technology. Its SEO services contain a lot of vital elements for a successful campaign, such as link building, keyword research, local SEO, content marketing, competitor research, reporting, etc. Moreover, this service focuses on not only SEO but also many other aspects including PPC management, advertising, email marketing, web design, and graphic design. 

Pricing: $1000/month



02. Search Berge

Having supported thousands of small businesses worldwide to achieve enviable growth since 2009, Search Berge is a top-rated SEO service that you should consider. Its SEO strategy covers many essential tasks that aim at improving your website’s performance, including business profile listings, in-depth site analysis, link building, detailed keyword research, SEO competitor analysis, extensive back-link audit, high-quality content, etc. Especially, Search Berge serves clients working in a wide range of competitive sectors, which are automotive, construction, real estate, education, health, travel, technology, and more. 


  • Advanced plan: $750/month
  • Pro plan: $1000/month
  • Premium plan: $1500/month



03. Engine Scout

Engine Scout is a digital marketing agency offering a full-fledged SEO service that is customized and tailored for different businesses including small companies. The team at Engine Scout commits to provide a wide range of useful functionalities like high-quality link building, detailed keyword research, local SEO optimization, user experience, and conversion rate enhancement, etc. Reports and real-time keyword tracking will also be sent to you every month to keep you updated on the performance of your website. Moreover, you can enjoy other marketing services at Engine Scout such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and web design. 

Pricing: From $499/month



04. EZ Rankings

Having been in the business since 2010, EZ Rankings is one of the most effective and affordable SEO service providers in the world. Its core services include SEO that is featured in three packages, namely Local SEO Package, SEO Package, and Ecommerce SEO Package. Especially, each package has a plan for startups, meaning that even the smallest companies can benefit from a variety of advanced features. For example, all three packages cover both on-page SEO and off-page SEO that work on several SEO issues such as duplicate content and broken links, keyword research, rankings analysis, and so on. 

Pricing: From $160/month



05. SEO Booster App


Shopify is known as the best e-commerce software for small businesses. That’s why the Shopify app store is a great place where you can find multiple affordable SEO services that work seamlessly with a small brand. A representative from the SEO category on the app store is the SEO Booster app. This versatile tool is suitable for both SEO amateurs and SEO experts. It will help you identify and fix different SEO issues including image search, duplicate content, broken links, sitemap, Google structured data, and keyword research. The app also offers comprehensive reports on your business’s performance so that you can track your business periodically and know how to improve your store’s rankings on search engines. 


  • Free plan: free
  • Pro plan: $29.99/month



Finding affordable SEO services for small firms is not easy but it is an important investment. Now that we’ve put together some of the best affordable SEO services for small businesses, we hope that you have a better understanding of how to choose a good one that best suits you.

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